Where are you located and do you travel?
We are based out of Seattle, WA and we love to travel for weddings. Contact us and let’s see what we can figure out! (We do charge for travel and lodging outside of the Puget Sound area). Oh, and yes we have passports!!!!

How do we get the ball rolling if we are interested in your services?
E-mail us (holler@jayleephotography.net), or contact us through our client inquiry form. Let us know when your wedding date is to make sure we still have it available. We will respond within a day’s time and answer any questions you may have. If you are interested, we will suggest meeting in person for coffee or on Skype to get to know you better and share some albums with you. For weddings, we are very busy during August and September so those dates fill up fast.

How many photos do we get?
For engagement sessions, usually around 60. For weddings, around 600. This depends very much on how long the wedding is and the amount of details.

Are they all edited?
Yes. We will never give anyone a JayLee photo that has not been edited. We edit, style and touch up each and every photo on the principle that we only show our work at its very best. We do not batch edit or outsource our images. We edit in-house and make sure we are proud of each one.

Do we get a disk of images and printing rights?
We are going as paperless as possible this year, so we don’t give a disk or usb anymore. You will get all of your images edited, in full resolution, sent to you digitally. You get full printing rights, too! We don’t believe  in charging you per photo, or charging you extra for edits.

How long is your wedding-day coverage?
In our experience, 6-8 hours seems to be the perfect chunk of time to cover everything you need from getting ready to the end of your crazy dance moves, so we include a solid 6-8 hours offered in our package. We charge $500 extra an hour if you feel you need more coverage, which we decide with you ahead of time so there is no stress added to your wedding day. We are hands-on in helping you to create a timeline that ensures everything is covered, so no worries!

Do we have to feed you at the wedding?
Weddings tend to be long days, so we definitely appreciate being fed and we need to eat in order to make it through the day! We will ask you before the wedding if you will be providing vendor meals, plated or buffet. Depending on your schedule, it helps if we can eat quickly after your table eats so that we don’t miss any events (toasts, cake cutting, etc.). Fed photographers are happy photographers! Thanks!

How many shooters are included in your prices?
Two. Always. Our business began as a husband and wife team and we are both completely dedicated to our clients. We split up to provide full coverage for your day, especially for your “getting ready” photos. As of 2012, we have added 2 more members to our team, so you will still always get 2 JayLee members at your wedding.

How much does an engagement session cost?
Portrait sessions are $500 for a 1-hour session, and include your digital, edited files.

How much does wedding-day coverage cost and what are your packages?
We have one package to rule them all, at $2950, to make it nice and easy on our clients and offer the best possible deal with no hidden costs. We also offer elopement pricing, which is listed on our website.

How do we ‘save our date’ with you and what’s the deposit amount?
When we receive a signed contract and a 1/2 deposit of your package price, the date is officially yours!

What is your turn-around time on editing images?
Engagements: about 1 month /  Weddings: about 3 months
We always give our clients a “teaser” photo on our blog as soon as we can, to hold them over. We edit as quickly as we can and try to beat the turn-around times in our contracts. During wedding season, we are busier so we won’t be able to impress you quite as much with our turn-around time. If you do an “unplugged wedding” (no cameras allowed during the ceremony), we will send you some ceremony pictures within a few days of your wedding too!

Can I see an example of a wedding beginning to end?
Sure! When we share full blog posts, they are our favorite photos spanning the whole wedding. There are also full weddings listed on our website. If you want to see all 600+ images from a wedding to get an idea of the product you’ll receive, we will be glad to show you a full wedding during your client meeting.

Do you shoot traditional or lifestyle photography? What is your style?
We try to capture moments. Some of those moments are as they are happening, and others are moments that happen within a posed shot. We know what angles look best and we try to create a diverse range of shots for our couples. We are by no means traditional photographers, but we realize the need for posing in portrait situations. We strive for fresh, creative images that are timeless but current. We like vivid color more than over-used, intense pre-sets. Our edits are consistent with the real colors of your day and the lighting/time of day. We are constantly growing as photographers and editors, and we do our best to make stylistic choices that work best for your photos.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?
As many as we can fit in our schedules comfortably. We don’t shoot a maximum amount of weddings per year. Now that we have added 2 team members, we can take 2 weddings on the same day to maximize the weddings we can cover during “wedding season”.

What makes you special?
Hopefully, after reading our Q & A and looking at our website, you already know! Most of it has to do with our business practices, what we give for what we charge, and our editing/shoot style. There are many great photographers out there who are also great people – We don’t see it as a competition. As long as people find photographers who are the best fit for them, we are happy. Usually, our quality, passion, and personal connection to couples speaks for itself during our client meetings.

More questions? Ask!
-Team JayLee

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