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Jen+Cory Preview 2 | Seattle Wedding Photographers |

Well we just finished up preliminary edits on Jen+Cory’s preview gallery for friends and family. See, we lay out these nifty cards at every wedding that direct the couple’s guests to a special, password-protected gallery where they can see some photos from the big day. Pretty awesome, eh? Wanna know what’s more awesome? We do the preview gallery in the 7 days following the wedding. Blam.

So to Jen+Cory’s family, friends and guests, we hope you enjoy the photos. And for those of you not privy to the 79 photos of overwhelming awesomeness: here’s another teaser to get you by ’til the big update.

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Jen+Cory Preview | Seattle Wedding Photographers |

These guys? Freaking awesome. Here’s a little somethin’ to hold you over.

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SeaFair Pirates + Make a Wish Foundation | Seattle Event Photographers |

Living on Alki beach, Ali and I have accepted the fact that surprising and ridiculously random things will be happening in our day-to-day life, and today was no exception. While adventuring around the beach with Ali’s mom (in town for a quick getaway from the Phoenix heat) we noticed a stage and sound system being set up, as well as…. pirates.

The SeaFair Pirates landing is happening on the beach tomorrow (and I will be at work…boo), and a quick google search will tell you all about this cool event, but that’s tomorrow. So why were the pirates here tonight?

After some quick research we found out that the Make*A*Wish foundation had partnered with the SeaFair Pirates (this is really an organization) to give a kid (Joseph) HIS wish: to be a SeaFair pirate!!!

Well sirens sound, the Moby Duck rolled up Alki Ave full of pirates, a small battle followed, with new Capt. Joe capturing the leader of the army. He then found some treasure buried on the beach, there was much “yo-ho”ing and awards and the like were given to the new Captain.

(apparently this is the first time a ‘civilian’ has been given Captainship over the Seafair Pirates, and another quick google search will show you how awesome of a gig that is.)

I happened to have my camera on me when this little fiesta went down. Go figure. Tons of fun after the jump.

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Meg+Ben – 06.12.10 | Seattle Wedding Photographers |

A tricky aspect of wedding photography is that we photographers can sometimes get in the mindset that WE are the ones doing our clients a favor, enriching their lives with our talent and mastery, and that we’re a precious commodity to be attained. While that may or may not be the case (lol), our favorite part of the process is getting to know the individuals and families we’ll be working with on the wedding day, finding out the small and sometimes silly nuances that make them tick, and pulling that out of them on “film”. Somewhere in the middle of that process we almost always find that WE are the ones whose lives are being enriched, and that the joy of the experience is as life-changing for us as it is for them.

Meg+Ben’s wedding was one such occasion. This group of people could not have come into our lives at a more perfect moment, and while personal-life-land was bringing anxious transition and change, this day we were privileged to share with them was a perfect accent to the change. Their love for each other and infectious personalities exploded all over that beautiful Saturday, and my inability to keep this from being a rather lengthy entry is proof of that.

On a lighter note, there was quite a bit of side-splitting hilarity on this day as well: Ke$ha songs on endless repeat, a processional on a John Deere, color-coded bridesmaids and groomsmen (“medium-red” is much more convenient than remembering names), and so much more. I feel these photos are just a hint at the total immersion in Awesome that the day brought.

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