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We believe in Love. As wedding photographers it would be hard for us to work in a field where passion, unity, hope and Love abound and capture those wonderful emotions forever, if we didn’t believe in the all-inclusive, boundary-breaking power of capital-L Love. Love cannot be defined by any government or creed, religion or belief system, as it is the strongest and most world-changing experience we can take part in as human beings. Love is eternal, boundless and can be an agent of change in the darkest of days. Furthermore, there is no reason in heaven or on earth that Love can only be experienced in heterosexual relationships, and that is why we are adamant supporters of equality in marriage, encompassing hetero- and same-sex marriage alike.

It’s with ridiculous amounts of pride that we celebrate with our friends the major victory in yesterday’s Prop 8 ruling, which is one step closer to marriage equality in America. To show our support for the couples who have been waiting entirely too long for their display of Love to be legally recognized by their states, we’re offering 50% off all photo or photo+video packages* to the first five same-sex couples that book us for their weddings (or ceremonies if you are in a non-ssm-recognizing state). Yup, the albums are still included.

We look forward to sharing this unbelievably exciting time you. And congrats!!!


*discount doesn’t include travel costs (no additional fees, though), but we definitely want to join you wherever you are!!!

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