Kelly+Kyle | Video Packaging Teaser

Kelly and Kyle found us through King5′s Best of Western Washington where we scored a top 5 spot for best video a few years ago. As much as we adore video (Josh went to school for it, after all) we had very recently decided to focus solely on photography and had finished shooting video indefinitely. But then these two came along, very, VERY excited about video (and our video in particular) and insisted we dust off our gear and come shoot some wicked footage of their ridiculously fun wedding, so we agreed and holy crap we’re glad we did. We couldn’t have asked for a better last video wedding.

We bring our still cameras along for our video shoots so we have content for slideshows and packaging and whatnot, and while purusing the handful of frames we snapped in the midst of filming found a few gems and thought we’d share one. Who knows, maybe we’ll throw a few more up here later.

Kelly+Kyle - Happy Much?

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