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Quantà+Richard | Two frames

Phoenix Wedding Photographers

{ Richard, the moment the church doors opened and he saw his bride coming down the aisle for the first time }

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Dawn+Jeff | Phoenix, AZ

One of my favorite sessions to date, I met up with Dawn and Jeff on a particularly sweltering day the last time I was in Phoenix to catch up, talk about marriage and take a couple photos. This awesome pair will have been married for 30 years this September, so, a recent newlywed myself, I spent the majority of our time together asking them tons of questions about marriage, kids, sacrifice, love and commitment through all those years.

And these two know all about commitment. In June of 2009 Jeff was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. While the disease has progressed rapidly and been quite a shock to the family, Dawn and Jeff refuse to let it define who they are as individuals AND together. They both absolutely love hiking (in Phoenix, which is a calling in and of itself) and have an absolutely refreshing sense of humor (they joked about the “upsides of Alzheimer’s”… like not having to drive in Phoenix rush hour traffic any more). In a society where marriages and relationships are ending as quickly and conveniently as a couple of signatures on some paperwork, there is a certain type of joy and solace to be taken, especially as a newly married guy, in two people fighting against all odds, embracing the hands they’re dealt and holding strong to each other for the support they need to face such trials.

Dawn and Jeff, thank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to document your memories. I am so encouraged, blessed and changed for being a part of your lives, especially at these moments, and I hope in these images you see those two crazy kids that fell in love 30 years ago. I know I sure do.//Josh

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Fall City Farms Wedding | Fall City, WA | Monday's Flowers

It’s always a pleasure working with Monday’s Flowers and snapping photos of Ashley’s beautiful work! It always seems that I am editing photos of flowers on rainy days, which works well for me! Her signature style of birch tree bark, wood tree slabs, and twigs works nicely with the blue and yellow theme of this sweet farm wedding, don’t you think!? These pictures were taken in her studio before delivery, and on location at Fall City Farms (truly lovely venue)! I particularly love the detail that went into the floral arrangements on the amazing hand-made chuppah, which I learned symbolizes the home that the couple will build together.//Ali


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David+Brandon | Phoenix, AZ

On my last trip to the lovely AZ I had the privilege of spending some time with these awesome boys. David and Brandon had recently tied the knot in Darien, CT (because the Arizona legislature is full of closed-minded, bigoted jerks) in a gorgeous small ceremony on the water. After catching a plane home and celebrating with their Arizona family and friends, I met up with the two of them (and my favorite personal assistant/stylist) for a walk around the neighborhood to talk about love, relationships, jobs, politics, and more love, and caught a few absolutely amazing moments between the newlywed on the way.

This was one of those shoots that will leave a lasting impression on me, not so much for the shoot itself or the images that came out of it (though I think they’re absolute gold!), but for my time with these guys. At the end of the night the four of us grabbed dinner with another couple and continued our discussions from earlier, sharing in the excitement of being recently wed and what that meant in our lives. Maybe it was the emotion of the day or the residual joy I felt from my own wedding, but this shoot was one of my absolute favorites. Thanks for trusting me with these moments and memories, guys. It was excellent.//Josh

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Seattle Bride Magazine Best of Weddings 2011 – Best New Vendor FINALIST!!!


We got an awesome text from Kat, our rad hair and makeup artist friend who was at Seattle Bride’s “Best of Weddings 2011″ announcement ceremony last Monday, harassing us for not telling her that we were “Best New Vendor” finalists. Well, Kat, that’s because we had NO IDEA!!!

Narrowly edged out by Nordstrom (!!!!!!) we are feeling like we’re in some mighty fine company. Thank you to Seattle Bride for putting our name on your pages (for the second issue in a row!!!) and thank you to all the voters and awesome folks involved in giving us such a wicked incredible honor.//Josh+Ali

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