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Ben + Meg | Two Frames |

A quick couple of teaser photos from a recent session at Pike’s Place Market with the most adorable couple…Seattle Wedding Photographers

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Graham + Kristen | Canoe Love | Teaser

We had a truly fun-filled shoot with these amazing lovebirds. More canoes and lovin’ to come…Seattle Engagement Photographers


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Greetings, Offbeat Brides (and Grooms)!!!

offbeat bride photographers

We’re pretty jazzed to be featured on today, and wanted to show you crazy kids just what freebies we’re givin’ out to all the obb readers that book us for their weddings and unions. This bad boy is our version of a guestbook, chock-full of photos from your engagement session and just enough room for your guests to scribble in some well-wishes in between. The cover is your smiling faces printed on actual canvas, which makes for some pretty big Cool Points as well. We’re throwing this in, compliments of JayLee Photography, for every obb reader that books us for their shindig (just make sure you mention/reference obb!!!). We are SO looking forward to hanging out with you!

offbeat bride photographers


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Quantà + Richard | Phoenix, AZ

When they tell their story, Quantà and Richard point out a handful of very specific events that seemed fairly miniscule at the time but, added together, make up an awesome account of how they ended up here, on this day, becoming Mr and Mrs. They share an unabashed love for music and the church (as evident in how they first met, met again, and for a third time) so it was absolutely apropos for their wedding ceremony to start off with a worship service.

It was very, VERY hot that day (108 degrees or so), especially for Seattlites like us, but you wouldn’t know it looking at these pictures. Nothing but love, anticipation, excitement and passion all over the place, and we were all kinds of thankful for being included in such an awesome occasion.


Phoenix Wedding Photographers


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Butterfly Dates | Two Months Married | A Love Note

We haven’t written many personal posts on this blog… mostly because we are wrapped up in sharing other people’s love + wedding photos. But today is special. Josh and I were married June 4th of this year…so I guess that makes today our 2-month anniversary. I have been meaning to do a post related to our wedding, sharing our process of planning, and my DIY projects so clients can see we really DO know what they are going through. I will do that at some point, but in the mean time I’m going to get a little gushy, share one of my favorite date nights with you (from a while back), and pretty much just hi-jack our blog to write my hubby a love note. It’s the digital age, after all. And public declarations of love should not just exist on your wedding day.

Dear Josh,

We have been together for a little over 4 years, and today we have been married for 2 months. People ask me all the time if being married feels much different to me than simply “dating” or being in a live-in relationship… and usually I say the honest answer -not really, but I have a sparkly ring now. This is a little bit of a joke, and not meant to be a bad thing. The truth is, I’ll never stop dating you. The reason I knew I wanted to marry you, and essentially date you forever, is because I genuinely like you MORE with time. In the years I’ve known you, you have grown a lot and each day you are an even better man than you already were. You consistently surprise me… not only in the “random flowers” kind of way, but in ways that only I would appreciate (your approach to things in life, your character, the way you value my opinion). You make me laugh in the choking-crying-slap-your-knee kind of way (I know, I know…I’m the only person under 90 who actually slaps their knee). You are someone I genuinely enjoy spending all my free time and work time with. You are honestly just a plain good husband. I’m lucky to have a guy who takes marriage seriously. Seeing how you protect and care for our marriage even in these early stages is inspiring and makes me want to be a better wife. Plus, you wake up before me to make coffee. every. single. morning. What more could a wife ask for?

I found these pictures while editing today from a date night at the Tropical Butterfly House (Pacific Science Center). Remember when we used to take turns each week choosing date night places? You chose this one and I loved it (it reminded me of the movie Mozart and the Whale in the scene where they go to the Bird Pavilion). I have hair in these pictures, and you have a lip ring which is funny. You look handsome.

We may only be 2 tiny months into our marriage, but I know I will post something similar to this after our first four years together as Mr. and Mrs. I love you. //Ali

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{JayLee: Lite} A New Photo Package for Budget-Conscious Couples

Seattle Wedding Photography on a Budget

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JayLee Product | Impression Case

While our albums are definitely the pride and joy of what we do, we don’t pull any punches when it comes to delivering even the disk of images to our super-rad clients. Here’s an example of a disk and impression case that accompanies the album from this post.

Seattle Wedding PhotographySeattle Wedding Photography


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JayLee Product | Albums

This pretty lady is a 10″x10″ 16-page album with a canvas cover, which is included in our “C” package. All of the layout and design is done in-house as well (no outsourcing for us).

Seattle Wedding Photography

Photos courtesy of Jody+Alex’s incredible Huntington Beach Wedding.

Our other packages include a similar style with more pages and larger sizes. Thanks for looking!//Josh+Ali

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RAW Seattle Artists at iMusic | Event

Josh and I recently photographed an event hosted by “Raw: Natural Born Artist” on July 7th at iMusic in Seattle. We had a fun night getting dressed up and taking photos of emerging local artists. The event featured various forms of art including painting, photography, music, performance, film, hair/makeup, and fashion. It was a great mix of talent and we particularly enjoyed watching live painting and vintage jazz dancing. Some of the artists included EP Holcomb, Jeni Littleton, Brandon Vosika, Susan Sage, Vincent Spean, Sister Kate, Thomas Krueger, Ryan Doran, Bella Luna, Xavier Lopez, Oleaje Flamenco, and Seattle muralist Ryan Henry Ward. We took quite a few great shots, but here are some we loved from the evening. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out RAW. //Ali

Seattle Event Photographers


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