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Kristen + Graham | Engagement | WA Park Arboretum

Kristen and Graham visited Seattle (they are from Missoula, Mt.) to iron out some details with their wedding planner and to have their engagement photos taken. We met them for coffee, went to the arboretum, rented some canoes, and had an all-around amazing day getting to know them better. Graham showed off his mad rowing skills and Kristen proved just how photogenic she is. They both made us laugh a LOT (for instance, about dressing like – and morphing into – your significant other). We ended up having quite a bit in common with these two and kind of made immediate friends. They are easily some of the most laid-back and truly compatible people we have worked with (Josh and I walked away saying “Could they be any more right for each other? Seriously.”) Plus, the day was warm and sunny, which is always a bonus in Seattle! We can’t wait to shoot their wedding at Fox Island!//Josh + Ali

Seattle Engagement Photography


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