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This was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple! For the last three years, we have done different meals each Thanksgiving and always get pie from West Seattle’s popular Shoefly Pie Co. (seriously awesome pecan pie and extremely popular on Thanksgiving)! Holidays for two can be a big change after years of big family gatherings, so because we could not go back to see our families in Arizona to celebrate, we wanted to begin implementing our own Thanksgiving traditions.


This year, we began the new tradition of each writing what we are thankful for in our marriage on a piece of paper and putting it into a bottle we saved from the centerpieces at our wedding. Once it is full, after many Thanksgivings together, we can break the container and read what the other person wrote. This is a fun way to make use of wedding decor, or simply use a jar or container and decorate it as you please. To create a container like ours, take the labels off of a wine bottle, cover with 1 coat of spray paint primer, 2-coats of ivory spray paint and add burlap, twine, lace ribbon and a button! Roll up what you’re thankful for and slip it in!

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This season here are some random things we are particularly thankful for:

-Our funny little pup


-Christmas decorations and holiday plans

-The “This Warm December” album, and “A Very She and Him Christmas”

-Lighthearted movie dates (We saw the Muppets on Thanksgiving!)

-Pumpkin everything

-Detailed-cooking instructions online (for the cooking impaired)

-Yellow leaves outside our window

-Hulu (Oh, Modern Family)

-Cute aprons made by grandma

-Black Friday ONLINE

-Warm socks


-Terrific family and friends

-Peppermint in our coffee

-Our clients and our growing business. (We are SO looking forward to our next year wedding bookings, especially!)

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We are really honored when couples choose us over many other photography options. Recently, as we have gotten to know our clients better over coffee and photo-shoots, we have realized the need for us to share more about ourselves on this blog. Starting next week we will be sharing a new regular series of posts including:

Recent Photos- Teasers, Weddings, Portraits

The JayLee M.O.- How we run our business, answering popular photo-questions, and what makes us “special”

Newlywed Posts- Documenting our new marriage and what we do to keep it a happy one (posts like this one), as well as guest posts from other couples

Miscellaneous- Vendor spotlights, DIY’s, Promos, Inspiration, Cool Stuff

We hope you’re excited. We are. Thanks for caring enough to get to know us and thanks to our new readers on the blog! Happy Holidays and we hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours. //Josh + Ali

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  1. The Arin
    Posted November 25, 2011 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

    Sooooooo cute! What great ideas!

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