Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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What should you look for in a photographer? How do you choose? If you are starting from square one and just got engaged, you are very likely drowning in a sea of vendor choices.

It doesn’t matter whether you throw on a wedding dress or a pair of pants and elope, go nontraditional, sneak to the courthouse, plan a small destination wedding or an extravagant affair for everyone you have ever known to attend. What matters are the memories created the day that you say “I Do”. It is for that reason we believe photography is one of the most important things to factor into your budget: It is how you will remember this important time in your life later on, and how you will share it with those you care about. We hope that you will choose to work with us if it’s the right fit for you, but overall we really hope that this list helps you find what you’re looking for.

Here are our top 4 tips on choosing the best photographer for YOU on your wedding day.

1.  The Pictures Are Awesome
Look for photos you connect with. Try not to decide on a photographer based on one good image that you saw on an ad. You want photographers who are diverse in their abilities and consistent in their product. Do your research. Above all, you want photographers who capture emotion in a unique way, love what they do, and take pride in the work they produce.

-Look at their website and blog. Do you feel anything (good) when you look at the images?

-Do you like the way the photos are shot/framed?

-Consider the edits. Are they images crisp, colorful, balanced, and well-contrasted? Do you like the stylistic choices of the photographer? Is their style consistent?

-Trust your eye/heart/reaction. If these were your wedding photos, would you be happy?

- Can they capture important shots? Do they portray these shots on their site? Ask the photographer what their favorite moments are in the wedding and see if they ask what ones you care about too.

-If you want an album, ask to see an album layout example in person. Are you happy with how it looks?

-What style are you looking for? Is there a trend you particularly like and do you think you will still like it in the future?

Don’t choose a style of photography just because everyone else is. Choose what you will be happiest with. That is why you have options. Referrals from friends or relatives are a great way to start (and we love referrals), but make sure you still do the research.

2. The Client Meeting Wasn’t A (totally) Awkward Blind Date
We shoot a lot of different things but will always have a soft spot for weddings. Most of the time, when people “choose” us over other options it is because of who we are as people and how much we love shooting weddings. Yes, there is generally an initial connection to the photos which makes us SO very happy to hear, but the truth is, the people who are following you around and are up-in-your-face on your wedding day are the photographers. So, you better darn well like them and they better want to be there!

-Read about them. Will their personality mesh with yours? What are their business practices?

-Meet them. Are they easy going? Will they blend with your wedding party?

It really does make a difference to the vibe of your day. You deserve photographers who are kind, accepting, fun, and care about who you are as a couple. If meeting with them was awkward or you didn’t feel you could be yourself around them, keep looking. When we meet with clients, it starts out feeling a little like a blind date and the weirdness goes away after a few minutes! We want it to be a good fit. Find photographers who will be honest with you in this regard and put your wedding photos and your satisfaction above “selling” you. Find people you click with.

3. The Price Is Right (And Matches the Value)
Budget matters to most everyone planning their wedding. If you’re lucky, the photographer you love will be within your budget. However, if their listed price points are higher than what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to start a discussion. Many photographers will work with you if they can, or they will refer a photographer who is more within your budget.

-Don’t choose photographers based on price alone.

-Get all of your questions answered. What makes your photographer special besides their killer prices?

-Keep an eye on what you get for what you’re paying, as well as hidden costs (there should be no hidden costs, in our opinion)!

-Do they have a history of making clients happy?

Photographers carefully base package pricing around many things: Equipment costs and equipment upkeep, shooting time, editing time, taxes, product, location, etc. Depending on how experienced a photographer is, pricing is most likely competitive with other similar photographers in the area. Remember- You are spending a chunk of your budget on a photographer because you want to document those priceless moments. The details are important, as is the food and flowers and so on, but when those things are gone, the pictures remain to show you as a couple on your wedding day.

Factor that into the  “worth” of your chosen photographer.

4. You Liked Your Engagement Session
Doing an engagement session is the best way to see how your photographers shoot and what the end product will be. It is also a great way to hang out and get to know each other better before the wedding. We see the engagement session as a bit of a dry run for the wedding portraits. This is a great opportunity for your photographers to show how they interact with you as a couple and what they are willing to do to make a picture happen. It’s also a good opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera (you know, kissing and being in love and stuff). When you get the pictures you will see how your photographers edit, the quality, the style, what they include, and their overall communication with you about when you will get the images, etc.

That said, if at any point in this process you don’t feel at ease with a vendor, keep looking. That is really our biggest tip of all! If you have more questions about our services, please read our Q&A. All of our pricing is listed clearly on our website, along with our business practices.

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