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Homemade gifts always seem super special to me, but it can be hard to get around to actually doing them (especially around the holidays). This year, I did three easy diy projects for the ladies in my life (mom, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, and friends). I realized these gifts would also be fun to make for birthdays, bridal showers, or as bridesmaid gifts, so I thought I would share them!


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I personalized the “flavors” of the scrubs based on each person. I didn’t use exact measurements. I just kind of “eyed them” on the scrubs… but these are some general instructions! There are a lot of different ways to make scrubs. You can add different ingredients like honey, brown sugar, fragrance oils..the list goes on! The type of oil you use is also your preference. This is just how I did mine. The quality of the tea and coffee you use really does make a difference. I used lavender white peony tea from the San Juan islands and especially liked how it turned out! Use extra coffee to make the coffee scrub darker. The smell is heavenly if you’re a coffee lover!


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The final product of the three scrubs:

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CHERRY LIP GLOSS: I found diy instructions for this super-easy cherry lip gloss here. You can also do other flavors…I’m going to make strawberry next time!

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You could really make this with any kind of chocolate. I originally was going to do dark chocolate with green-dyed white chocolate, and sprinkle chopped up peppermints on top (Christmas colors). I went the easier route because I was making so many of these as gifts. The instructions are below. You could top these with any kind of chopped up candies or nuts before placing them in the fridge. I think it’d be cute to use food coloring on white chocolate in your wedding colors (or add colored candies) for bridesmaid gifts and package them to match! (You could place the chocolate pieces in a personalized wine glass and give it to your bridesmaid with a bottle of wine)!  peppermint bark diy, easy chocolate dessert recipe, easy chocolate recipe, chocolate swirl recipe, gift for her recipe, chocolate lover gift, easy treat recipe, last minute treat recipepeppermint bark diy, easy no bake christmas treat, easy chocolate instructions, easy chocolate treat recipe, christmas gift diy, peppermint bark, bridesmaid gift diy, chocolate lover diy, bridal shower chocolate, wedding color chocolate, gift for her, easy diy gift for herPACKAGING: I packaged everything to mach. Due to the fact I shipped these items, I used “Lock-Ups” plastic containers for the scrubs and prettied them up with sparkly paper, an ornament and ribbon. You could use glass containers with a secure lid as well, if you don’t have to ship. I used bead-storage containers for the lip gloss.

diy gift wrap, easy gift wrap ideas, christmas gift wrap, last minute diy ideassugar scrub diy, easy sugar scrub, sugar scrub recipes, sugar scrub packagingLABELS: The green tea scrub is okay to use on the face or body. I love green tea for the face! I have sensitive skin, so I would probably only use the lavender and coffee on the body, but I’m sure other people might like it. I would place these in the fridge to make them last longer and would most definitely put the coffee scrub in the fridge to keep it fresh if you’re not using it right away.  I made little tags for each one indicating these details, and attached Popsicle sticks for stirring the scrub.sparkly diy gifts, sparkly christmas gifts, homemade sugar scrub

All of the paper materials, tins, and containers were purchased at Michael’s and JoAnne’s. The rest you will probably have in your pantry! I hope you enjoyed the diy’s! Make sure you do some extra batches so you can use these yourself! They smell delicious! I ended up loving the coffee one as a decadent wake-me-up, the lavender for the body, and green tea for the face…let me know what your favorite is! //Ali

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