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We have shared our wedding ceremony and Josh’s vows on the blog. Now it’s my turn! Unlike Josh, I had a really hard time writing my vows. I wrote and rewrote them, agonizing over weird things: Were they too long? Were they too personal to share in front of people? Too sappy? Too mer-mer-mer (that’s my robot noise)? I read them aloud to my sister and my dog to get used to the phrasing. I practiced reading them in a way that got across how I actually felt.

The day of the wedding, Josh read his vows and everyone, including me, was blubbering. I could barely even begin reading mine. I actually said, “How am I supposed to follow THAT?”, and just kind of stood there all weird. To make it worse, I turned red and splotchy and composed myself for a few minutes. It’s hard being a bride when you hate being the center of attention.

Maybe we gave the vows a little too much weight, but we felt they should have the most weight because of what they mean. Your vows serve as a personal love letter with promises enclosed, declared in front of your family and friends (and your almost-spouse). They are not just a few cheesy lines spattered off for the sake of doing it. They are an attempt at summing up your relationship, all it has been, all you hope it will be, and how you intend to hold up your end of it. Most of all, it explains why you chose this person to marry and love forever. That is kind of a big deal.

My advice, if you are a bit neurotic like me and are having trouble with your vows: Make a list of how you feel about your future spouse and your relationship, as you think of things throughout the day/week/month. Then, sit down and try to put those ideas into sentences. Once you have that covered, gushing your heart out should be easy. Practice reading to a close friend. It sounds different out loud than it does on paper.

So, here are my vows exactly as I wrote them for myself to read (with emphasized words underlined and italicized). ha. I hope you enjoy, and I hope reading our vows helps some of you find inspiration if you are still working on yours.

(p.s. There is a line that Josh and I both said in our vows, by coincidence: You are the only constant. We thought that was pretty amazing!)

Ali’s Wedding Vows:

I’ve always been an idealist and a romantic but I never could have imagined what it would be like to have a real partner in life… Someone I can truly count on, who I can honestly call my best friend, and who makes me feel content and happy regardless of what else is going on in life. I love who you are. I appreciate your values, your creativity, your sarcasm, and your hilarity. I love you for your enviable patience and strength and hope. I love how you think in terms of “us” and value my feelings and opinions as much as your own. You know my needs before I do…you do the sweetest things and are constantly surprising me. I love who we have become together.


Our love has been a leap of faith. It started with a short summer romance and an unlikely long distance relationship… But looking back, I realize the reason I had so much faith in us as we were still getting to know one another. It is also the reason I know our marriage will last. With you, time together goes by far too quickly and every moment is more fun than I have ever had. To me, whether or not I spend forever with you is not even a question. At this point, you are ingrained in me in the best ways.


There is no poem or reading or song or movie that can begin to sum up the very real feeling of meeting someone who appreciates the best parts of you — and even the not so great parts. But I will never stop telling you how much I love you. I will never stop trying to show you.


Anyone who knows me, knows I want to be everywhere, do everything, and yet I can’t make up my mind about how to even begin. But when I look into my future, I always see you. You are the only constant. You are next to me in all of the pictures that haven’t been taken yet. All of my adventures. All of the good and bad experiences in life. I see you. You make me feel free. You make me feel beautiful. You inspire me. You calm me. Every day, you bring positivity and hope into my life. You make me excited for what’s to come next for us.


I want nothing more than to be a wonderful wife to you, to be loyal and someone you trust and confide in. I promise to always be there for you, to take care of you, to be your lover and best friend. I promise to trust you, to appreciate you, and to laugh with you. I want to make a family with you and go after all of our dreams together. I want to be romantics and idealists in life – together- even with the world nay-saying that very quest. I want to be the person who makes you feel most loved and most at home, because that is what you do for me.”


{Isn’t he CUTE!?}

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    Tears of Joy & Happiness for you both- Love , Mom

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