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Our Wedding | Josh’s Vows | Newlywed Post

Last week we shared our wedding ceremony and talked about how important it was to us that we write our own vows. Welp, it looks like we’re starting this by sharing mine, and I’m pretty excited/shy/nervous about putting it out there on the interwebz.  I stressed and stressed over writing my vows for a serious month, about four months before the wedding. Then one night in the middle of working on something completely unrelated, I opened my g-mail and wrote this entire thing from beginning to end in one sitting. A few weeks later I revisited, decided it was exactly what I wanted to say, and saved it away for the wedding day.

I’m sure most guys won’t have the same luck I had in writing their vows, but I REALLLLLY recommend you put in the stress and sweat and hard work and make it happen. This was the defining moment of our ceremony, for me (and a lot of our guests, as I found out at the reception), but if it would have been a canned series of vows off google I know it wouldn’t have been as ‘us’ as we wanted the ceremony to be.

So I hope you enjoy reading them, and I’m apologizing in advance if it gets you a little misty.

Josh’s Wedding Vows….

“For a guy who has always prided himself on his wit and skill when it comes to words, we’ve learned from my proposal that all of that pretty easily falls away when confronted with emotions, pressure and crazy amounts of love. And though I’m lucky enough to have this little cheat sheet at my disposal today, I am finding myself just as speechless as I was the morning I proposed… Heart palpitations and all.

When I was planning what I was going to say today I went through all of the usuals: I’ll love you forever. For better or worse. You’re my soul mate and best friend. I’m so lucky to have you. Etc etc. While those are all both clichéd things to say and painfully, terribly true, no amounts of rewriting those beautiful hallmark sentiments really told the story of my heart for you. Everything seemed flat and trite and silly compared to the weight I felt in my chest as I was even writing the first drafts of this. Every aspect of our relationship is so important to me that it deserves it’s own set of vows, but at some point I’d feel like I was just reciting facts and missing a perfect opportunity to tell you exactly who and what you are to me, and how my life would be absolutely pointless without you.


And then a memory popped into my mind. A strong, persistent memory of a moment that was probably so fleeting and inconsequential to us at the time that it’d fly under our “memories to cherish forever” radar, but a memory so suddenly important to me that at that moment I began holding over your head that I knew what I was writing in my vows and that you should probably get working on yours {laugh break}.


Before you moved to Seattle I remember a trip I took to Phoenix on a particularly warm summer week. Well, I really don’t remember the trip itself at all, whether it was the trip for your graduation or another “if I don’t see Ali sometime this month I will implode with sadness and lovelessness” trip, I just know that I was in Phoenix and it was disgustingly hot. Oh, and the A/C either didn’t or wouldn’t work in the condo, making the nights particularly uncomfortable. The thing about that trip I DO remember is one night, both of us laying as close to the window as we could hoping to catch a stray breeze , and for whatever reason I grabbed my ipod, gave you one of the headphones and put the other in my ear, and pushed play. And in that quiet, still moment… it all clicked.


I barely remember what we listened to. I recall a few songs by bands you probably didn’t particularly love, but their lyrics made me think of you and of us: “You’re clear to me, despite my blurry vision”, one of the ones that comes to mind. But more than what we listened to or how long we listened to it, I remember thinking in that moment and again when I was thinking about these vows, that is exactly what I want from our life. I want to share everything with you, experience everything with you. I don’t want to have ‘my headphones’ and ‘your headphones’, but I want every moment, every decision, every joy and every let down, every journey – both literally and metaphorically, every excitement and every sadness, and every single thing in between those extremes, to share them with you.


You are my only constant. You are the only thing I know that transcends every temporary high and low I’ve seen. You’re the only person I know who could love someone like me the way you do, and all I want is to be your partner, to be your team and to be the one you share every dream and passion with.


And if you promise to share this life with me, then I promise to make it as exciting and happy, spontaneous and passionate as it can be, taking every breath I have to strive for your happiness. And you and I know better than anyone that there will be all sorts of valleys and roadblocks during that journey, but I promise to never quit, and to love you more and more in those moments.

I love you, Ali, more than I could ever say in these vows. Thank you for loving me, too.”



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Q & A

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Here are our most frequently asked questions. This is generally what we go over in a client meeting, but wanted to make it available here for you too!

Where are you located and do you travel?
We are based out of Seattle, WA and often shoot in Phoenix, AZ. The wedding seasons are opposite of one another, so ideally we will be in both places half of the year. We love to travel for weddings. Contact us and let’s see what we can figure out! (We do charge for travel and lodging outside of the Puget Sound area).

How do we get the ball rolling if we are interested in your services?
E-mail us (, or contact us through our client inquiry form. Let us know when your wedding date is to make sure we still have it available. We will respond within a day’s time and answer any questions you may have. If you are interested, we will suggest meeting in person for coffee or on Skype to get to know you better and share some albums with you. For weddings, we are very busy during August and September so those dates fill up fast.


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