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There are a lot of “couple” or “married” photography teams. We think that is  Being a married couple who shoots together offers a pretty interesting dynamic.

Many photographers who shoot alone will bring a second shooter or assistant with them to shoot weddings. Most of the time, the second shooter is not determined ahead of time and the photographer will choose someone they trust to be the “2nd shooter”. Some of these photographers may charge clients extra for the second shooter, and some may not. There is really no “right” way to do things.

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We all run our businesses differently and we are not ones to say the best way, only what way works for us. For us, we like to shoot together for every wedding and include that in every package. It has not happened yet, but if for some reason one of us can’t be at your wedding due to some awful illness, catastrophe, or life stuff, we do have awesome backups. That said, feel free to ask your photographer who they plan to bring as their second shooter and ask to see a portfolio (especially if you’re paying extra for them).

The one thing we can promise you at this point in our business (2012) is that we offer two for the price of one – a him and her team – for every wedding. Neither of us is necessarily the 2nd or lead shooter. We do what we need to in order to get the shots covered. During a wedding, more than one important moment is happening at a time, so it only makes sense that you consider having more than one photographer to cover those moments.

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Not only do we bring different perspectives (in terms of where we are shooting from location-wise, and the way we go about creatively framing shots), but due to the fact we shoot together for every single wedding, we learn from one another and our shooting styles become more seamless. A client has yet to know who took what photo, but we know. (And oh yeah, there’s some friendly competition there). We know how to work together. We don’t need a game plan before we shoot. We speak without speaking, we know how to get the shots covered, and we trust each other. We work hard to encourage each other to grow creatively as photographers and we have nerdy discussions about what style we are going for in terms of what JayLee is.

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Having that kind of dynamic- a person who is always there to back you up in your business, who is also your spouse – is pretty awesome. Not everyone could work with their spouse, and we certainly have days we disagree, but we realize that having a constant check and balance system is what makes this work. We each add different things to this business by recognizing our own strengths and weaknesses. When we talk about “work”, we are talking about it together, as a team.

This is about to get a little corny, but we don’t just bring our love of photography to your wedding, we bring our love for each other too.  Our meetings with clients are more like double dates. We get to hang out and talk about marriage and relationships and all of the funny little things involved in the process of “getting married” because we’ve done it. We listen to your stories about how you met, how the proposal happened, what your plans are. We share our story too. We love to capture who you are together as a couple, and doing so tends to be even easier when we know a little bit about who you are. In turn, the more you get to know us as a couple and as people, the more you know if we would make a good fit as your photographers.

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Maybe we are still in that newly-wed stage and our heads are still in the clouds a bit, but we really think you should enjoy spending time with your spouse and for us, that includes this work we do. We put in long hours editing your pictures together, checking and double checking, talking over decisions on style and layout, and we nerd-it-up over JayLee because it’s our thing. Or one of our things. We aren’t photo-robots, after all.

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