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Regular date nights were a part of our marriage resolutions… so, this weekend on the first snow of the year we  took a nice little walk down the street to a favorite dinner spot. I had butternut squash enchiladas and Josh had a chimichanga (yum!). It’s always nice to go out and get dressed up. One of my other favorite days this week included a snowy walk to snap some pictures followed by pj-time, hot chocolate/coffee, mini pear pies, and a few episodes of Dexter under a cozy blanket. We hope you’re keeping warm and enjoying some date nights too. If you live in Seattle, you’ll know that this post is pretty timely, as it’s pretty blizzard-y out again today! //Alihappy marriage blog, newlywed blog, wedding photography blog, snow on alki photography, snow in west seattle 2012snow west seattle, west seattle snow, alki snow, snow on alki, pretty snow photography, husband and wife blog, positive newlywed blog, positive blog about marriageseattle snow, west seattle snow, snow on alki, snow 2012 alki, photography snow, seattle snow photography, stock snow photography, husband and wife blogsnow on trees, snow photography, tree snow photographyfoot prints in snow photography, dog foot prints in snow photography, his and her blog, husband and wife blog, walks in the snowsnow on tree, snow in a tree, tree branches snow, snow photographysnow man west seattle, west seattle snow, alki snow, snow 2012 alki, snow man photography, making a snow man, beach snowseattle wedding photographers, snow photography, about us wedding photographers, married wedding photographers seattlealki snow, alki beach snow, green peaking out from snow photography, seattle photographerssnow on tree branches, snow on trees, making a snow man photographysnow on tree branches, seattle snowboys playing in snow, brothers in snow, kids rolling around in snow, kids in snow photographyleaves on tree branches, leaves on snowy tree branch, fall to winter treepaw prints in snow, dog paw prints, paw prints in snow west seattle, alki dog snowmaltese in snow, small dog in snow, paw prints in snow, husband and wife blog, positive blog about marriagemini pies, pies and hot chocolate, mini pear pies, mini apple pies, easy pear pies, hot chocolate date, husband and wife date ideas, easy date ideas

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