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Marriage Resolutions for 2012 | Newlywed Post

We are new at this marriage thing. We don’t know what we are doing, really. We aren’t fit to give advice. AT. ALL. We just know we are happy. We are really happy, but marriage takes work (as they say) so we intend to work on it. Even from the beginning. Even now. Even when it’s hard to write marriage resolutions because we can’t think of anything that stands out. Yet. We won’t get lazy with this, though. We put the work in before we even need to so it doesn’t feel like work. We don’t think it has to be hard all of the time. We want to live the happiest life we possibly can, together. So far, so happy. Hoorah!

Part of the reason we started these Newlywed Posts was to highlight how marriage matters more than the wedding. More importantly, we just think marriage matters in general. It seems as though “marriage” is often talked about pretty negatively. Of course, most of the people coming to our blog are about to get married, so they are just as giddy as we are. But, marriage is a lifelong commitment. Ball-and-chain. There’s a high chance of divorce. Blah. Blah. Blah. We aim for these re-occurring newlywed posts to talk about marriage in a positive light, share bits of our experience, and advice from other couples who know better than we do. We think that you make your own decisions regarding the health of your relationship. We take marriage seriously…meaning, we make each other laugh on a daily basis. We are that serious.


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Engagement & Couples Sessions| How to Prepare + What to Expect

Destination Wedding Photographers

This post mostly applies to engagement sessions, but the rules pretty much apply to any kind of session (particularly couples sessions  and anniversaries). Keep an eye out for some new teasers, too. 

We mentioned in our tips for choosing a wedding photographer that engagement sessions are fun, laid-back, and a great way to get to know our shooting style and personalities better before your wedding day. We include engagement sessions in our A, B, and C packages, and offer a discounted rate for our smallest JayLee: Lite pricing option for that very reason. Client meetings are helpful in getting answers to your questions, looking at product, and seeing if we “click”, but engagement sessions offer an opportunity for us to show you what we can do.

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We personally love engagement sessions because it gives us an opportunity to see how the two of you interact as a couple. We sneakily get to know you better and we aim to gain your trust. Couples leave the sessions excited to see their photos and once they get them, they feel better about their wedding day and better about having chosen us as their photographers. This is the general idea: The engagement session is the dry-run for wedding portraits, a way to document this time of your life (the engagement), and a way to try out your photographers to make sure you made the right decision! Here are our top 6 tips that may be helpful when getting ready for your engagement or portrait session, and how to maximize the overall awesomeness of the photos you end up getting.

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