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Sorry we missed last week’s Newlywed Post! For those of you who are new readers, we do our best to post new photos Mondays, information about photography or our business on Wednesdays, and “Newlywed Posts” for a peek into our life or to talk about marriage in a positive light on Fridays. Sometimes, we even post things on the off days too, because we like you. Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately…

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seattle sunset, valentine's day sunset, alki beach sunset tea and cupcake

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1. going for a walk on our new favorite path, 2. rufus playing in the mud, 3. valentine’s day sunset on our way to dinner+movie {this means war}, 4 . tea and cupcakes, 5. my valentine’s gift to Josh (art prints), 6. Josh’s gift to me (bear+spa day), 7. reading for kindle book club, 8. quick lunch date, 9. hard at work editing, 10. taxes take over our life, 11. his and hers laundry, 12. pasta salad for a couple’s dinner party, 13. josh getting sore from a blend of P90X+P90X2, 14. new painting series I’m working on

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    A Happy Life:-)

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