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Rainbow Birthday Party | Two Frames

Someone recently asked us, “What else do you shoot besides weddings?” Well, we will get into that answer a little bit more tomorrow, but to start with here is a sneak peak of a pretty rad birthday party Josh recently photographed (styled by the owner of adorable children’s handmade toy store, Schnitzel  & Boo).

This colorful post also comes with great timing to say happy birthday to my sister, Jerri, who turns 23 today! She is an amazing teacher, great friend, and one of the most down-to-earth people I know. I love you Kiki!

We are in the thick of editing some awesome projects, so be sure to keep checking back on the blog. //Ali + Josh

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Gratitude, Marriage, & Identity | Newlywed Post

“An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.” What a nice thought. Last weekend, I went on a very special trip to Texas to see my family. Family and the relationships in my life have always been the most important things to me, but there are some moments where everything feels a little bit more clear. Family matters more than it did before. Marriage and the idea of becoming a family together means more. The things you want in life change from being about “I” to being about “we”.

When you get married, you are choosing to build a life with one person who becomes an extension of yourself. You find yourself saying “we” instead of “I”. You consider their feelings when making decisions. The health of the relationship takes precedence. Already, in writing this, I am finding myself wanting to say “we believe our marriage comes first”.

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At the same time, it is important to hold on to who you are. I am lucky to be in a marriage where I feel supported in holding onto who I am. My identity has changed in this marriage for the better, but there are goals and passions and thoughts and beliefs that I hold as my own.tea pots, tea pot photography, seattle photographers, portrait photographers, tea pot collection, husband and wife blog


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