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When it’s inconsequential, business owners can be pretty outspoken. But when it’s big… like, political, life-changing big, they tend to keep their mouths shut. A few minutes in the twitterverse of the photography industry will show mountains of opinions of the newest gear, whether the vintage filter is a trend or something of the future, or if the latest workshop is worth the $3000 entry fee, but when folks start talking about real-world stuff, they’re painfully silent.

And that is one of the many areas that we’re proud to break the mold.

Same Sex Marriage Photographers

A week ago today, the Washington State House of Representatives took it upon themselves to debate the impending vote on a Same-Sex Marriage Bill that had just passed the Senate and was working it’s way to the Governor. Ali and I sat, somewhere between horrified and heart-burstingly grateful, listening to both sides of the debate live as it it happened. We cried. We cheered. There was literal applause in our household as our Representatives wrapped up their heartfelt speeches.

And we tweeted.

A verbatim play-by-play from both sides of the aisle, under the JayLee Photography Official Twitter we relayed each and every development to our followers with a bit more than unbiased explanation of the events in progress. Because this wasn’t some budget cut debate. This wasn’t an argument over “Bridges to Nowhere” or where we get our artistic inspiration from, but rather an actual conversation over whether or not to grant the same rights and opportunities to all Americans; the privilege Ali and I shared just this past June, where we were legally permitted to celebrate our love with friends and family and put our name to a paper that gave us rights not allotted to other Americans that are definitely not less-deserving.

And as they went on, small businesses were brought up. Then it was more specific: Churches. Florists. Photographers. This was not just the future of our friends, families and fellow citizens they were deciding, but also the future of our industry. This event demanded our attention.

And while we could go on and on (and on…and on…) about our beliefs on the issue, we believe we’ve been more than transparent about it on our various social media outlets. This post isn’t about the specifics of what we believe, but why those specifics should matter to you.

Same Sex Wedding Photographer Seattle

Hiring a wedding vendor isn’t like hiring someone to do your lawn or your taxes. Those people come into your lives in fairly unimportant moments (unless, well, you haven’t paid your taxes in a few years) and provide a finite service that you’re happy to have, but can soon forget  about once completed. With your wedding vendors though, you are allowing them to join you on one of the biggest days of your life in a celebration with you, and represent you to your family in friends. Be it the decorations and floral arrangements in front of them as they eat or the photographs they’ll look back on for decades to come (how’s that for unbiased?), your wedding vendors are with you in a way that’s more permanent than the average service provider.

Which is why what they believe should matter.

When we join with our clients for their weddings this year we will be celebrating love. Love between two people, regardless of what society, their families, or the law deems appropriate. We will be joining couples in the most opportune and most difficult of circumstances, where they find their love is the strongest and most true reality they will ever know, despite all external factors. And we will document the hell out of it. Because for every ounce of hate in the world, we know there is infinitely more love, and when we can be invited to share those moments with you, Love wins. Every. Freaking. Time.

Gay Wedding Photographer Seattle

And with these issues we will always wear our hearts on our sleeves. Sure, we’ve had friends, family and clients that disagree with us, but at the end of the day, as individuals and as business owners, we will always champion for Love, and we hope that, if that is your passion as well, you’ll partner with us on this journey and find other vendors that do, too.

Because we aren’t the taxman. We’re in the business of Love, baby. Let Love Win.

And please, for the Love, watch this: Rep. Walsh (R) on ESSB 6239


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