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Family + 61st Anniversary | Texas Part I

I went to Texas in January to see my grandparents, and my mom and sister met me there. It was a really special trip, as I have not seen my grandparents or that side of the family in a very long time. My grandmother and I have kept in touch through e-mail and she always sends the most thoughtful packages and letters. She is a talented and giving woman who is always thinking of her family, despite what she may be going through herself.

Equally as amazing, my grandpa is devotedly there for her in a way that makes long-lasting love seem possible for those of us who are still early in our marriages. They are approaching their 61st Anniversary (and my Grandma’s birthday, too) which is why I waited to share these photos until now (I sent them an album so they can see the pictures in print, too).

Trips like this one make you realize just how important family is. To me, this is the very meaning of “lifestyle” photography- documenting your home, the things you love, and the people you love as you spend time together chatting, having laugh-attacks, genuinely smiling as kids play, etc. It’s not about perfection or cool-factor or having the right light…these photos are life as it is happening and moments that are worth remembering.

I’m so glad to have documented these memories for myself and my family and I’m glad to be able to share some of them with our clients and readers. Photos really are the most prized possession.

{I also took some photos around Texas that you can see here.} Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa, and Happy Birthday Grandma! Love, //Ali

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"Date Night": By Rufus | Newlywed Post


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Sometimes, Mom and Dad leave me at home for something they call a date night. I call it an abandon Rufus night. I am pretty good at sulking and making them feel bad, even though they tell me over and over that they will “be home soon”.

BUT, one night this week they actually did come right back after going to get some ice cream so that they could watch Dexter in their pajamas like lazy people. The show has very few dogs in it and it’s pretty scary, but they love it. To my great surprise they also got a treat for Rufus. Not one of those hard-bone-good-for-your-teeth-”treats”, either.


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