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Xavier | One Shot

Just a quick teaser…we love this shot Josh captured of Xavier during a recent family session. Look at those eyelashes! //Josh+Alichild photography seattle, baby photography seattle, family photographers seattle, family portrait seattle, seattle portrait photographer seattle, lifestyle family photographer seattle, seattle photographer, portrait photographer seattle, wedding photographer seattle, great portrait photographer seattle, affordable portrait photographer seattle, engagement photographer seattle, seattle wedding photographer blog

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Brad + K'Leigh | One Frame

You may have seen a recent teaser of this lovely couple on our Facebook page, but during our editing we came across another gem and had to share. //Josh + Aliseattle engagement photographer, seattle wedding photographer, unique seattle wedding photographer, cool engagement photos, colorful engagement photos, seattle photographer, seattle portrait photographer, apw seattle photographer, offbeat bride photographer seattle, offbeat bride photographer phoenix, train engagement seattle, georgetown engagement photography, best photographers seattle, best wedding photographers seattle, best engagement photographers seattle, fun engagement photography seattle, husband and wife photography team, seattle engagement photography ideas, affordable seattle engagement photography

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Ali’s Art Show | Personal Post

Josh was kind enough to snap some photos at my art show. If you didn’t know, I went to school for painting and it is a true love of mine.

I am now working on some smaller abstract pieces to hopefully show next month in West Seattle. If you’re interested, you can follow my work here. . // Ali

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May Day Protests | Occupy Seattle | Change of Pace

Yesterday morning I woke up to news about riots and window smashings and found out that, though I usually have a finger to the pulse of what’s going on around the world, I absolutely missed the May Day Protests until they were happening. After evening plans fell through I got a wild hair to drag my gear downtown, brave the mobs and document the heck out of the heyday.

The only problem is… I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to putting myself in danger (says the guy whose been photographed hanging off bridges, standing knee deep in rapid waters, etc) so it wasn’t until I got a text from a particularly intimidating friend of mine to “get my back” that I reigned in the wimpyness and trekked to 4th and Pine.

And I’m glad I did.

There aren’t a lot of words for what I saw. I will say I missed the insanity that started the day, and thankfully (for public safety, not for the drama of the photographs) it didn’t fire back up later in the day. Blame it on the rain, maybe. What  I did experience was a fascinating collision of passion and hypocrisy, cause and chaos.

Here’s a bit of what I saw.

{ disclaimer: as with most protests, there was a substantial amount of obscenity in language, signs and gestures, all of which I documented and included in the pictures below. So if middle fingers and four-letter words offend you, consider this your warning. }


May Day Protests


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