Welcome! Welcome!


Well it appears you have found our little home on the interweb! We are so stoked to have you, and hope you like what you’ve seen.

This entire site is crazy new, chock full of our most recent wedding, engagement and portrait work. This is also where you can meet all four awesome members of our team as well as find out what sets us apart in this sea of photographer madness you’ve probably been wading in.

We also believe in being transparent with out clients-to-be, which is why you can find all the nitty gritty details of our pricing as well as our take on how to perfectly choose your wedding photographer and making the tough decision of whether or not to take your friends your vendors.

And of course, after you’ve finished browsing you can give us a holler and lock us in for your shindig.

So please do enjoy your time, and we hope you see something that resonates with you. We are super excited to meet ya!


-Team JayLee

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