Kate+Mike | Seattle Engagement Session

Kate and Mike met a while back at a movie they went to with some mutual friends. Nowadays they happen to know some folks at The Grand Illusion Cinema in the U District, so we took advantage of the hook-up and shot their engagement in the most appropriate of venues.

The set up was a little different than our standard, sunny, naturally lit sessions, but we loooooooved how much fun Kate and Mike were willing to have with us and the ideas we came up with. Lookin' forward to their wedding in just a few months!!!

k_m_grand_illusion-1 k_m_grand_illusion-2 k_m_grand_illusion-3 k_m_grand_illusion-4 k_m_grand_illusion-5 k_m_grand_illusion-6 k_m_grand_illusion-7 k_m_grand_illusion-8 k_m_grand_illusion-9 k_m_grand_illusion-10 k_m_grand_illusion-11 k_m_grand_illusion-12 k_m_grand_illusion-13 k_m_grand_illusion-14 k_m_grand_illusion-15 k_m_grand_illusion-16 k_m_grand_illusion-17k_m_grand_illusion-19 k_m_grand_illusion-18

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  1. Rosemary
    Posted June 25, 2013 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    the last picture is my favorite! …. signed, “mike’s mom”

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