Pentatonix | Showbox Sodo Seattle, WA

If you haven't heard of these awesome kids before then let me do you a favor: Click here , here and here, and treat your ears to some of the most awesome a cappella arrangements I've ever heard.

Winners of season 3 of the Sing Off, Pentatonix have capitalized on the exposure with two sold out tours (this one hitting the Showbox Sodo, with a 1,500 capacity!!) and two excellent EPs. Last night's show proved that there's no studio magic behind their incredible sound. Enjoy!


pentatonix-1 pentatonix-7 pentatonix-5 pentatonix-2 pentatonix-3 pentatonix-4 pentatonix-6 pentatonix-24 pentatonix-21 pentatonix-8 pentatonix-10 pentatonix-9 pentatonix-11 pentatonix-13 pentatonix-15 pentatonix-23 pentatonix-14 pentatonix-16 pentatonix-17 pentatonix-12 pentatonix-18 pentatonix-19 pentatonix-20 pentatonix-22 pentatonix-25 pentatonix-27 pentatonix-26 pentatonix-44 pentatonix-28 pentatonix-31 pentatonix-32 pentatonix-45 pentatonix-37 pentatonix-33 pentatonix-29 pentatonix-34 pentatonix-30 pentatonix-35 pentatonix-36 pentatonix-39 pentatonix-38 pentatonix-40 pentatonix-41 pentatonix-42 pentatonix-43

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