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Birth Photography – Scout Clementine | Seattle, WA


Little Scout Clementine decided to come earlier than planned. In fact, it was 2 days before I was to begin being on call for the month! On her momma’s birthday, the contractions started and I received a message from dad-to-be that the baby was coming! I happened to be on the freeway coming home from Tacoma when I got the call, so I grabbed my gear and rushed on over! Things progressed pretty quickly after that as you can see by the photos. Luckily, all involved got to the family’s beautiful home just in time and Scout come into the world shortly after, perfectly pink, lovely, and quiet as can be. It was awesome to be a part of such a special moment! Welcome to the world, Scout! Your parents are pretty incredible folks. *To see photos of another birth, click here. //Ali

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Melissa+Chris | CCV / Phoenix, AZ Wedding

January in Phoenix is absolutely beautiful (this is, of course, opposed to May, June, July, August, September and sometimes October, in which can be absolutely miserable).

After making the trek to Seattle for an awesome e-session, Melissa and Chris took the opportunity to get hitched in the cool desert dusk. From the sweet first look in the afternoon to the ruckus photobooth as the night wrapped up, they threw a party that was a celebration of their love and loved ones. Congrats, you guys, and thanks for having us :)

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Marie+Bo | All Pilgrims Church Wedding

Marie and Bo got hitched at All Pilgrims Church on Capitol Hill, the very same place that Macklemore himself had shot his magnificent video for Same Love just a month earlier. An all-inclusive ceremony mixed with some awesome garb (zoot suites! that VEIL!!!) and tons of details that were just them, this longtime couple tied the knot on one wonderful day.

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Hope Still Flies | Five Iron Frenzy and Mike Herrera @ Showbox Market

Ska hit the mainstream right around when I started high school, and, for me, the unrivaled leader of the pack was none other than Denver's own Five Iron Frenzy. When the band went their separate ways in 2003 I had only seen them live once, and feared that one of my favorite bands were put out to pasture with the rest of the genre.

Imagine my glee when 2011 saw the band come back together thanks to an incredibly successful kickstarter campaign. They proceeded to release a new single, record a new album and go on a lovely little mini-tour which brought them right to the center of Seattle (across the street from Pike Place Market) to play the Showbox. And Mike Herrera of MXPX would be opening with an acoustic set? 14 year-old me was elated.

Five Iron erupted on the stage with all the energy and antics of their youth (they're kinda grown-ups now) with all their guitars and horns (and tiaras, and fairy wings, and unicorn pants...) in tow. 18 songs later (and sans goofy costumes), FIF closed the set with "Every New Day" as their fans are accustomed to, and left the stage with the crowd chanting for more. 14 year-old me was content.

Five Iron FrenzyFive Iron Frenzy Mike Herrera of MXPX


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Protected: Boudoir Photos | Seattle

Did you know we offer boudoir sessions? As boudoir is very personal, we always ask permission before sharing any images. This lovely lady was kind enough to allow me to share some faceless-frames from her session.

Maybe it's something you've considered (as a groom's gift or holiday present, to document your rockin' bod, or just for you) and you are still feeling a little shy about it. Never have I shot a session and had someone wish they hadn't gone through with it... and it's a lot more relaxed (and fun!) than you may think. After every boudoir session I get an email saying "Oh my gosh I look so great". Um...yeah, silly. You DO look great. We women are hard on ourselves no matter what we look like. We live in a world filled with body comparison, unrealistic ideas about what women should look like, and this odd idea in our heads that we could always lose one.more.pound or get a new haircut (or, or, or).

Well, let's drop the "or" for a second because boudoir is your chance to enjoy smokin' hair and makeup by a great designer, a chance to wear your favorite get-ups, and an opportunity to have a photographer pose you and airbrush you (just a little, because you totally deserve celebrity treatment). Most importantly it gives you a day where you can really just feel GREAT about what an amazingly gorgeous woman you are. You can see more boudoir work on our site here. Feel free to check out our pricing or just send a quick email if you have questions! Stay tuned for another amazing session this week on the blog and more posts about what boudoir is all about. //Ali

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Caroline + Marc | Steilacoom Town Hall Wedding

Ahhhh Caroline+Marc. We've already shown you their ridiculous-adorable engagement session in Volunteer Park and teased a couple ceremony photos (in December!? Man, we suck at blogging), so I suppose now's a better time than any to drop the whole celebration on you.

This day was full of so many unique details and events that we've just never seen before. From the sarcastic, gamer-friendly programs to story games on every table during the reception to a show-stopping performance of the game/improv/show/activity "Sea Dracula", these lovebirds absolutely rocked the socks off everyone in attendance.

Oh, and they're so stinkin' cute together. Her smile. The way he can't stop looking at her. Get out of here, you guys.

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