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Did you know we offer boudoir sessions? As boudoir is very personal, we always ask permission before sharing any images. This lovely lady was kind enough to allow me to share some faceless-frames from her session.

Maybe it's something you've considered (as a groom's gift or holiday present, to document your rockin' bod, or just for you) and you are still feeling a little shy about it. Never have I shot a session and had someone wish they hadn't gone through with it... and it's a lot more relaxed (and fun!) than you may think. After every boudoir session I get an email saying "Oh my gosh I look so great". Um...yeah, silly. You DO look great. We women are hard on ourselves no matter what we look like. We live in a world filled with body comparison, unrealistic ideas about what women should look like, and this odd idea in our heads that we could always lose one.more.pound or get a new haircut (or, or, or).

Well, let's drop the "or" for a second because boudoir is your chance to enjoy smokin' hair and makeup by a great designer, a chance to wear your favorite get-ups, and an opportunity to have a photographer pose you and airbrush you (just a little, because you totally deserve celebrity treatment). Most importantly it gives you a day where you can really just feel GREAT about what an amazingly gorgeous woman you are. You can see more boudoir work on our site here. Feel free to check out our pricing or just send a quick email if you have questions! Stay tuned for another amazing session this week on the blog and more posts about what boudoir is all about. //Ali

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