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Flying Baby | Family Lifestyle Teaser

cute baby flying baby being held by his mom in paid shirt and monkey overalls

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JayLee Mini Sessions | Holiday Portrait Photographer

It's not often that we offer promotions, but mini-sessions are an excellent, affordable way to capture your family portrait during the holidays! Unlike our lifestyle sessions, mini-sessions are shorter and focus more on capturing "traditional portraits" of your family during your hour shoot-time so that you have a few photos to use for holiday cards, gifts, or to frame in your home. Though these are more traditional, they are still JayLee style: fun, laid-back, and true to who your family is! Better than ___ Portrait Studio! ;)

We, ourselves, try to get a new picture taken every December (we will post ours in the next few weeks) to document each year together, so we highly recommend it. These book fast so email us to set up a time! We hope you are looking forward to this holiday season as much as we are!//Team JayLee

mini session christmas holiday card photographer in seattle

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Andrea + Bryan | Golf Club at Newcastle Wedding

Andrea and Bryan had an extremely fun, classy wedding at The Golf Club at Newcastle (amazing scenery!) that included a traditional Korean wedding ceremony complete with a Paebaek table, Hanbok ceremonial dress, and bowing ceremony. We especially loved the bowing ceremony, where family members tossed dates and chestnuts (symbolizing their son and daughter) into the bride's dress. The amount she caught symbolized the number of children they will have in the future! The groom also gave the bride a piggyback ride around the table to show he is able to support his bride as her husband, and to symbolize their new life together. How cool is that? We felt really lucky to be a part of such an amazing day and we are so fortunate to have gotten to know this incredible couple. Congrats you two! //Josh + Ali

titlecardandrea_brian_-86 Read more…

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Marsha + Doug | Couple’s Lifestyle Teaser

portrait session of couple laughing in Fall leaves at ballard corners park

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Raeanne + Trevor | Engagement Teaser

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Dani + Rob | Engagement Teaser

seattle engagement, offbeat bride seattle, offbeat wedding photographer, offbeat engagement photographer, unicorn seattle photos, unicorn engagement

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The New and Improved JayLee Album!!!

Holy cow, it’s been about 100 years since we last blogged. We’re catching our breath now that wedding season is over and have some awesome news to throw you all while you wait to see what we’ve been working on. Due to some really excellent improvements by our already rad photo and album printing lab we are now able to offer a brand new version of The JayLee Album, and we are in looooove with it.   JayLeeAlbum1 This beauty is 10″10″ with a custom wraparound canvas cover and 20 spreads of your images printed on photo paper. With no gap between the pages, each spread is a single 20″ panoramic print. Wooooah. With the same quality and durability of the old albums and some binding upgrades, these albums are already worth getting excited about. How could it get better? Well, now we’re able to offer the album for only $800!!!! Yup, down from $1100, you now get a sleek, timeless art book for a fraction of the old price. So if you’re waiting to order and album from us, now’s the time. And if your wedding is coming up, there may be a little more room in your photo budget now ;) Check out one more sample album after the jump. Read more…

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