The New and Improved JayLee Album!!!

Holy cow, it’s been about 100 years since we last blogged. We’re catching our breath now that wedding season is over and have some awesome news to throw you all while you wait to see what we’ve been working on. Due to some really excellent improvements by our already rad photo and album printing lab we are now able to offer a brand new version of The JayLee Album, and we are in looooove with it.   JayLeeAlbum1 This beauty is 10″10″ with a custom wraparound canvas cover and 20 spreads of your images printed on photo paper. With no gap between the pages, each spread is a single 20″ panoramic print. Wooooah. With the same quality and durability of the old albums and some binding upgrades, these albums are already worth getting excited about. How could it get better? Well, now we’re able to offer the album for only $800!!!! Yup, down from $1100, you now get a sleek, timeless art book for a fraction of the old price. So if you’re waiting to order and album from us, now’s the time. And if your wedding is coming up, there may be a little more room in your photo budget now ;) Check out one more sample album after the jump. JayLeeAlbum2

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