Christina+Matt | Suncadia Resort Wedding

c_m_titleIt all started a few winters ago with an LL Bean Ad *cough* I mean engagement session with honest-to-goodness high-school sweethearts. Getting stuck in the snow. Bailing people out in the freezing cold. Rubbing our mittens together in a big truck and getting stuck ourselves, in that big truck. More getting stuck. More snow falling down. Cold, red noses. Finally, the truck keys getting locked in the car and spending more time in our small (earlier abandoned) Kia after hours trekking around in the cold taking pictures. Yes. It was an adventure. Couples like this one are why we do this and why we love it. We get to know you. And the morning of the wedding when I walk in to see the bride in her little slippers and her hair in the process of being done, I’m excited. I can’t wait to see the dress she chose, the way the ceremony will look. I can’t wait to document it all the best way I can, not only because it’s my job, but because I care on a personal level.

I could use a lot of adjectives to explain Christina and Matt’s wedding…but instead I hope you can really experience the day through these photos, and through this incredible video by Turning Leaf Productions. Christina and Matt, we wish you a life filled with adventure and love! //Text: Ali, Images: Ali and Sean

(*On a side note, Christina’s sister, Sarah, is not only the nicest person you’ll probably ever meet, but she is an extremely talented hair-stylist/wizard. )

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