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What a lot of other photographers won’t tell you is that, when you upgrade to their second shooter option, most of the time you’re getting a random photographer that they haven’t decided on until a week before your wedding. I know, we feel like the masked magician on those “Secret of Magic” shows right now, but we can’t tell you how many times, to our absolute horror, we’ve seen photographers throw out a TWITTER BLAST on a Tuesday looking for a 2nd shooter for a wedding on Saturday. Seriously, this happens, and you’re paying these people hundreds-to-thousands of dollars to capture some memories for you.

And we’re sure they hire capable photographers and we’re sure that business practice works for them, but we respect our clients too much to bring some faceless rando to their wedding, which is why we decided to make JayLee into a four-person team two years ago and give us the ability to tell our clients that we’re bringing a specific person, trained, branded, and awesome, to their wedding. No twitter blasts for us.

In our first year we brought on Sean and Jeni and could not have been more thrilled about their being onboard. They were 100% Team JayLee, shot lights-out, and gave our lovely clients the most incredible experience they could ask for. This year, Jeni broadened her horizons past weddings+portraiture, and we were all kinds of bummed to lose her (as you may have seen yesterday), so the task fell on us to find the newest member of our Team and get back to rocking your socks.

Enter Whitney. Her energy is infectious. Seriously. She laughs incessantly (even at Sean’s jokes) and takes some really incredible photos. We’re so ridiculously obsessive over our brand and our clients, so when we put that in another photographer’s hands you know they’re the best there is, and Whitney is no exception. We’re so looking forward to an awesome year of watching her rock all your socks off.

So, help us welcome Whitney to the JayLee Family, find out some more random factoids on her page, and keep an eye out for her work. Here we go, 2014. //Josh+Ali


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