Audrey+Nathan | Point Defiance Wedding

Remember this this stylish engagement session that ended with brown-bagging it at sunset? Believe it or not, Audrey+Nathan's wedding was even more fun than their e-sesh. From their apple-surrounded, officiant-free ceremony (with a poetry reading by Audrey's brother) to the Pagoda at Point Defiance their reception was held in, the scene was perfectly set for a day that was suited for them and their gang.

They had a crest/logo made to signify their union (on the coasters, glasses, everywhere), the table chart was made with scout badges (which was a point of contention with their local badge shop), and they sang a traditional celebratory wedding drinking song to start off their reception. Then there was dancing. So much dancing. So much awesome in one day. //Words: Josh, Images: Josh + Jeni

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