Yvonne+Amy | Palace Ballroom Wedding

We were so excited to shoot this wedding for a few reasons. 1. We have shot at Palace Ballroom before and loved the intimate vibe (and let’s face it, the grub). 2. These two are really fun to shoot and after years and years of loving one-another and raising their awesome son together, they were finally able to celebrate with their loved ones and leave with a signed Certificate of Marriage. With nods to Ref74. in a gorgeous slideshow before the ceremony, a shredded copy of the federal statue that prohibited them to marry being thrown in place of flowers, and the most incredibly-put-together toasts we have ever heard (in poem-form, no less), this wedding was a great end to 2013. It was really special shooting an event with two families that are already one family, and have been for years. Other great moments included a surprise video featuring friends and family talking about the couple (with an especially funny moment when their son said (paraphrasing), “I don’t see why everyone’s freaking out about this wedding. We’re already a family.”) and the “flower girls” prancing down the aisle with big fluffy boas, plus a pretty impressive one-woman “thriller” dance. It was all of this and more that made this wedding a treat to shoot and even more of a pleasure to witness. Congratulations to this wonderful family! //Josh+Ali

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