Katy + John | Hall at Fauntleroy Wedding


Remember these two? Katy and John’s wedding day was sunny and beautiful and all-around a wonderful time. It’s just so much fun being around them. Katy is all laughter and happiness. John is on the quiet side, but quick to smile, especially when Katy is around. The way they fit together is so natural.

It was the toasts at this wedding really stuck with us. The people in their lives spoke of the home they’ve built together, the way they support one another, and the individual passions they have for what they do. This is what makes weddings so beautiful to us, and the spirit of what we try to capture in our photos. Of course, as you’ll see, Katy and John really put a lot of thought into the details too. He made the invites based on their engagement story. Guests contributed homemade desserts to the dessert table (what a great idea!). They did a hawaiian lei exchange during the ceremony instead of a ring exchange. Oh, and the ladies rode in on a yellow school bus! We wish you two a life full of happiness! //Josh+Ali

Katy_John_Wedding_WS-3 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-4 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-6 wedding dress photography wedding shoe photography jewelry wedding photography orange necklace wedding jewelry photography Katy_John_Wedding_WS-28 hand stamped paper roses pashmina scarves bridesmaid gift unique getting ready wedding photography Katy_John_Wedding_WS-44 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-57 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-60 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-62 paper flower wedding photography bride looking in a mirror getting ready Katy_John_Wedding_WS-82 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-83 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-84 bridesmaids on a schoolbus bridesmaids on a schoolbus Katy_John_Wedding_WS-101 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-109 groom tie and bout first look photography first look photography seattle Katy_John_Wedding_WS-122 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-123 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-134 fresh beautiful wedding photography bridesmaids laughing orange bridesmaids dresses bride and groom in a field of white flowers groom looking at bride photography bride laying in a field of flowers bride and groom laying in the grass Katy_John_Wedding_WS-210 lincoln park wedding party photography Katy_John_Wedding_WS-222 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-233 natural wedding photography black and white wedding photography the hall at Fauntleroy Katy_John_Wedding_WS-278 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-279 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-288 stenciled paper hand cut Katy_John_Wedding_WS-310 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-317 flower girls bride kissing her mom bride getting ready in the mirror Katy_John_Wedding_WS-380 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-381 hand stamped wedding invitation Katy_John_Wedding_WS-388 hall at Fauntleroy  ceremony Katy_John_Wedding_WS-394 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-398 Katy_John_Wedding_WS-399little boy at ceremony guest photography hall at Fauntleroy little girl sitting at ceremony Katy_John_Wedding_WS-437 flower girls seattle parents walking bride down the aisle bride looking at groom groom laughing ceremony hall at Fauntleroy seattle wedding photography, bride smiling hall at Fauntleroy seattle hawaiian lei exchange seattle Katy_John_Wedding_WS-529 hawaiian lei exchange seattle hall at fauntleroy ceremony Katy_John_Wedding_WS-536 first kiss seattle photography wedding Katy_John_Wedding_WS-549 recessional wedding photography Katy_John_Wedding_WS-595 the hall at Fauntleroy cake table wedding cake table wedding cake table wedding orange reception tables place cards wedding Katy_John_Wedding_WS-685 wedding toast wedding toast funny wedding photography funny wedding photography bride beautiful first dance black and white first dance photography fun dance photos wedding light tricks wedding dances wedding dancing photography seattle funny wedding dance photos guest laughing reception funny wedding photography Katy_John_Wedding_WS-795 groom at the dj table bride and groom dancing

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