Dani + Rob | Gasworks Park Wedding

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When Dani and Rob wrote us, they stated that they were having a “kick-ass wedding”  and needed “equally kick-ass photographers to capture it”.  I’d say they succeeded and we like to think we did too. From pink wigs to funky feathery bouquets, Dani was kind of the ideal ‘offbeat’ bride. The day was a true party, with a party bus, motorcycles, customized sunglasses, a bridesmaid that rapped for her toast, and an after-party in Capitol Hill. We also especially loved the barbie bride and groom fashioned after Dani and Rob (Dani is a teacher and this was a special gift given to her by a student). Needless to say, we know their life is going to be an awesome adventure (in fact, right now they are on a 3-week trip and recently checked in with us from Istanbul). Dani and Rob, we wish you a totally kick-ass life together!  *You can see their engagement session at Unicorn here. //Josh+Ali+Whitney

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  1. Paula
    Posted August 22, 2014 at 2:26 pm | Permalink

    Love, LOVE this wedding!

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