Lindsay + Mark | Bainbridge Island Wedding

It was the perfect overcast day on Bainbridge Island with two extraordinarily accomplished people.

One of our favorite things about weddings is seeing family and friends from two families joining to celebrate, and this group was nothing short of awesome. We especially loved the unique toasts, including a surprise song (La Vie en Rose) in both English and French, and the traditional Hawaiian banzai toast. The literal translation of banzai is 10,000 years (of life). The toast-givers first shout out "Shinro shimpu, banzai (long life and happiness to the bride and groom)". Then, the guests participate by responding "banzai." This continues a few times to honor both the couple and the guests before everyone toasts. It was such a cool thing to witness!

We are so happy for Lindsay and Mark and had a great time documenting their day. Banzai! //Josh+Ali+Whitney

bainbridge island wa wedding

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