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This little family are close friends and we've so enjoyed documenting her pregnancy and new family. Baby H is just the sweetest and has already grown into such a little man since I took these photos! Also, isn't his nursery like something out of a magazine!? //Ali *Check out K's announcement and maternity and belly sessions!

ault_newborn_ws-32ault_newborn_ws-29ault_newborn_ws-26ault_newborn_ws-30ault_newborn_ws-31ault_newborn_ws-36 ault_newborn_ws-38 ault_newborn_ws-39 ault_newborn_ws-40 ault_newborn_ws-41 ault_newborn_ws-42 ault_newborn_ws-44 ault_newborn_ws-45 ault_newborn_ws-47 ault_newborn_ws-50 ault_newborn_ws-53 ault_newborn_ws-56 ault_newborn_ws-57 ault_newborn_ws-58 ault_newborn_ws-59 ault_newborn_ws-61 ault_newborn_ws-64 ault_newborn_ws-66ault_newborn_ws-23ault_newborn_ws-3ault_newborn_ws-2ault_newborn_ws-10ault_newborn_ws-15ault_newborn_ws-18 ault_newborn_ws-76 ault_newborn_ws-77 ault_newborn_ws-78 ault_newborn_ws-81 ault_newborn_ws-83 ault_newborn_ws-86 ault_newborn_ws-88 ault_newborn_ws-90 ault_newborn_ws-93 ault_newborn_ws-96 ault_newborn_ws-97 ault_newborn_ws-99 ault_newborn_ws-100 ault_newborn_ws-104 ault_newborn_ws-107 ault_newborn_ws-108 ault_newborn_ws-109 ault_newborn_ws-112 ault_newborn_ws-113 ault_newborn_ws-114


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