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Kayla + Jim | Snoqualmie Wedding Teaser

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Kim + Ryan | Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding

Kim and Ryan are legit bonafide rockstars. They are way too cool for us. Heck, everyone at their wedding was way too cool for us. Their officiant, a close friend of theirs, wrote the most gorgeous ceremony of all time. He read quotes from their favorite authors without them having told them it was their favorite (Steinbeck, “East of Eden”, and ‘Thou mayest’). He wrote poetry. Breathtakingly beautiful poetry, just for this occasion. Their DJ wore the most awesome suit and performed an incredible, unexpected rendition of “With a Little Help From My Friends” (because K+R love the Beatles) that brought the house down. Their ceremony musicians played the most lovely guitar+ukulele versions of Beatles tunes. And everyone cried happy, happy tears. All day long.

These two brought together all of their people at a quiet, remote location to celebrate Life and them joining theirs together. They shared laughter and honest words and sang at the top of their lungs. Instead of getting lost in the potential madness of wedding craziness, every ounce of energy was focused in on the reason for the day and a spirit of celebration, and that kind of focus and excitement makes our job into an effortless, exciting experience.

In the hubub of vendors and schedules and details and favors and venues and everything else that goes into wedding planning, it’s probably a little understated just how much the process of creating lovely, whimsical, “oh-my-god-these-photos!!” images is actually collaborative. And not just between members of #TeamJayLee, but between us and our couples. What does that mean? Well, as clients there’s a lot you can bring to the table that we help with (wardrobe, schedule, locations, prep advice, etc.) but in between the evils of logistics there is this Little Thing we’re always looking for, and sometimes are lucky enough to find.

Kim+Ryan abso-friggin-lutely brought that Little Thing to every single part of our time with them. It obviously helped that they both are quite possibly the kindest, most thoughtful and genuine people out there, and that, as fellow artists they trusted us at every step along the way. It also helped that they put incredible amounts of thought into every small detail of the day (and all the big details, too), that they have style and swagger for days, and that all of their friends and family are almost as awesome as they are. Yeah, it obviously helped that they put on a kickass wedding day, but that’s not the point.

The closest thing we have to a business Ethos here at JayLeeHQ is our inexhaustible passion for documenting the abstract concept that is Love. Not cheeseball love, but LOVE love. Sure, the flowers and formalwear and all the work you put into the stuff is awesome and we’ll shoot those photos, too, but we gravitate toward honest, passionate moments as they occur throughout your wedding day (and really, any time you spend with us). Sometimes those look like nuzzle-y, heart-stoppingly gorgeous moments between the two of you, but sometimes it’s the tears you shed during your grandma’s toast to your future together. Sometimes it’s the joy in your friends’ eyes as they party down with you on the dance floor. Sometimes it’s the vows we can hardly make it through ourselves, and sometimes it’s just a still, quiet moment alone, as you take in the gravity of the day. But however it manifests itself, this feeling, this experience is the drive behind what we do.

And oh man, what a difference a day full of those moments makes.

Over the years we’ve shot tons of weddings, met the most amazing couples and had so many incredible experiences and are thankful for every bit of it. We are honored to have been brought into so many lives and trusted with lifelong memories. We’ve learned so much.

This is the future of JayLee Photography. We want to create artistic images with clients who are excited about collaborating with us. We want to celebrate with you. We want to get lost in the emotion and excitement and joy and put every bit of it into photos that stop you dead in your tracks. We want to tell the story of the day and have that be what matters most- The story. The love.

Thank you, Kim and Ryan, for being those clients, and for having us along for such a wonderful ride.//Josh+Ali *You can see K+R in their sweet e-sesh here.


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Cate + Joe | Diablo Lake Wedding Teaser

Perfect location. Perfect together. Can't wait to share more from this insanely gorgeous wedding. //Photo by: Sean

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Karena + Jamie | Issaquah Wedding Teaser

When clients give us 4 hours for photo...and we go on a lovely like this happen. Love love love. //Josh+Ali

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