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Adios, 2014 | Our Thailand Adventure



Waking up to chanting monks. Sending a floating lantern into the night sky off a Ko Lanta beach. Falling off of an elephant. Getting stung by a jellyfish. Cuddling a street monkey. Making new friends from all over the world. Snorkeling and nearly drowning in rough waves. Swimming blind through a pitch black cave. Being handed a Thai baby (and left holding her for an hour). Floating in turquoise waters.  Becoming “regulars” at a coffee shop in Chiang Mai. Near death experiences on tuk tuks, longtail boats, in cabs and one terrifying hour in a van. Lots of plane rides, ferry rides, and cramped songthaew rides. Being applauded for learning some of the language. Giving my bracelet to a 5 year old who wanted our DSLR. Riding our motor bike through rolling hills. Eating life-changing street food and falling in love with meat on a stick and rice in a bag. A day spent with expats. Finding treasures in night markets. Watching fire dancers and fireworks on the beach with sand between our toes. Getting lost at night and finding hidden gems. The adventure of getting Josh his Sak Yant (tattoo). Experiencing the Chinese New Year festival and Flower Festival. Going to many beautiful islands (fav.: Phra Nang). Watching the SuperBowl at 3 a.m. in a random bar in Chiang Mai (Go Hawks!). Getting dizzy on the rooftop bar Vertigo in Bankok. Fresh seafood bbq on the beach. Seeing Muay Thai and teaching the announcer new words in English. The food. Did we mention the food? Railay (a favorite spot) and a pretty day at Phi Phi. Pad Thai for $1 served from a huge wok outside of a temple. Speaking with friendly Thai people eager to practice their English and share their culture. Massages for $5. Pictures taken with sweet, complimentary strangers astounded by Ali’s transparent skin. Coconuts…a bamboo mat, and the shallow beaches in a wide range of blue. Visiting ornate golden temples. Random 80′s cover bands. Rasta bars. Feeling entirely out of our element and entirely happy. Conversations with fellow travelers, sandwiched together in sweaty songthaews. No shoes allowed…anywhere, really. The (alarming/nice) “no problem” laid-back Thai attitude. Etc.etc.etc.


We had a lot of amazing experiences in 2014 and many moments of pride in the growth our business, but our month in Thailand was truly the best part of our year. Bankok, Chiang Mai, Krabi, Railay, Phra Nang Beach, Ko Lanta, Lanta Old Town, Phi Phi, Trang Province, Ko Muk…Thanks for reliving it with us! Here’s to more adventures in 2015! //Josh+Ali


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Alright Ladies… | Seattle Boudoir Marathon

marathon header

With the end of the holiday season and New Years nearly upon us, that means it’s time for the biannual JayLee Photography Boudoir Marathon! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’m throwing the biggest boudoir party yet in a new location that I am so excited to photograph your lovely faces in.

Sessions include one hour of shoot time with me at a sleek Pioneer Square loft, professional make-up by one of our favorite artists, as well as 20-25 fully finished digital images and a $100 print credit. Sample products will be available at the shoot and include albums, little black books, boxes of prints and more. Oh, and there may or may not be champagne. :) All for the super-low rate of $500. And yes, there are some pretty awesome discounts and hook-ups if you bring your friends, so why not make it a girls day?

Do it for your person or do it for yourself. Just do it.

Spaces are limited, and a 50% deposit is all it takes to lock in your spot. Questions? I’ve got your answers. Just shoot me an email so I can tell you how awesome you’re gonna be and how much you’re gonna rock this shoot. Because you are. Trust me.



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Laura+Rich | Ballard Engagement Session

Yes, if you've recently acquired a puppy you should absolutely bring it to your engagement session. This was such an excellent day with Laura+Rich. We had puppy time, locks time, and beach time just before the rain came down (we're starting to feel like broken records, saying that all the time. Thanks, Seattle!).

ballard engagement session with dogpuppy at engagement session cute lab puppy


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Karena+Jamie | Pickering Barn Wedding


Karena+Jamie win, if for no other reason (and there are tons of other reasons) than their original inquiry email being the most enthusiastic and excited message we’ve received to date. There’s something pretty excellent about getting a message exclaiming their joy at finally writing you because they’ve been following your work longer than they’ve been engaged, so there was absolutely no surprise when we discovered that these two were as “Our People” as anyone has the capacity to be.

Their engagement session  was stylish and capital-F Fun, so we spent the following 18 months eagerly awaiting this party they were throwing. And oh man, what a freaking day. We started off our nearly four hours of photo time (EVERYONE GIVE US FOUR HOURS!!!) with a First Look at a trail on Tiger Mountain in which Jamie’s “You’re so pretty!!!” echoed through the quiet woods. Karena rocked her mom’s wedding dress like it was made for her, and Jamie’s Karena-made Magic: The Gathering mana boutonniere (Josh’s inner nerd was dancing) was so so SO legit.

They snuggled, they hiked up and down a mountain, and they let us steal them after the ceremony for sunset over Lake Sammamish photos, and they rocked our world the whole time. The ceremony was full of lovely vows and hand fasting ceremonies, and the reception was all dance party and toast-provoked laughter. It was an entirely perfect day that we never wanted to leave. So thanks, you two, for digging us up like two years ago, and having us along for the raddest of days that we wish we could do again and again.

Now, on to the pictures…

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Alida + Will | The Hall at Fauntleroy Wedding

Wedding ceremony and reception at Hall at Fauntleroy in West Seattle.

We knew Alida+Will were gonna thow a kickass, unique wedding when we met up with them for an engagement session at Top Pot Donuts, but we had no idea just how huge their awesomeness could get.

A list, in no particular order:

* Alida made all the bouquets and boutonnieres out of sheet music.
Will’s face during the first look. Gaaaaahhh.
* They held a toast in the middle of their ceremony. No, not with booze (that’ll come later), but donut holes hidden in small boxes given  out to their guests beforehand.
* They forwent the candle for their unity ceremony, instead opting for two bottles of not-yet-aged whisky from the lovely folks at Woodinville Whiskey Co. A+W poured both bottles into a tiny barrel, meant to age the delicious stuff for 6 months, after which they’ll  rebottle and share together on their anniversary.
* A ring warming ceremony (which is something we are LOVING seeing this year) that had so many participants it pushed the ceremony  well into the dark hours.
* Their favorite taco truck catered the reception.
* Their running bibs served as table numbers.
* Rootbeer floats late in the reception, featuring local brewery Snoqualmie Falls‘ delicious soda.

And while that sounds like a lot of random stuff, the coolest part of the day was that each one of these little things was so inherently THEM. They’ve challenged each other through marathons and triathlons, celebrated said triumphs with whiskey and donuts (yup!) and are so much fun that all the funky awesome aspects of the day fit them perfectly. Alright, fine, we’ll shut up and let you look at the photos. Congrats, you guys. //J+A

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