Alida + Will | The Hall at Fauntleroy Wedding

Wedding ceremony and reception at Hall at Fauntleroy in West Seattle.

We knew Alida+Will were gonna thow a kickass, unique wedding when we met up with them for an engagement session at Top Pot Donuts, but we had no idea just how huge their awesomeness could get.

A list, in no particular order:

* Alida made all the bouquets and boutonnieres out of sheet music.
Will’s face during the first look. Gaaaaahhh.
* They held a toast in the middle of their ceremony. No, not with booze (that’ll come later), but donut holes hidden in small boxes given  out to their guests beforehand.
* They forwent the candle for their unity ceremony, instead opting for two bottles of not-yet-aged whisky from the lovely folks at Woodinville Whiskey Co. A+W poured both bottles into a tiny barrel, meant to age the delicious stuff for 6 months, after which they’ll  rebottle and share together on their anniversary.
* A ring warming ceremony (which is something we are LOVING seeing this year) that had so many participants it pushed the ceremony  well into the dark hours.
* Their favorite taco truck catered the reception.
* Their running bibs served as table numbers.
* Rootbeer floats late in the reception, featuring local brewery Snoqualmie Falls‘ delicious soda.

And while that sounds like a lot of random stuff, the coolest part of the day was that each one of these little things was so inherently THEM. They’ve challenged each other through marathons and triathlons, celebrated said triumphs with whiskey and donuts (yup!) and are so much fun that all the funky awesome aspects of the day fit them perfectly. Alright, fine, we’ll shut up and let you look at the photos. Congrats, you guys. //J+A

The hall at Fauntleroy wedding venue.White wedding dress hangs in cupboard. Polka dot bridal shoes in front of vintage poster. A wedding tradition of a lucky penny for your shoe. Wedding bands and engagement ring  detail shot in nature. Bridal bracelet on bouquet including grandfather's dog tags. Paper flower bridal bouquet made of music sheets including grandfather's dog tag. Custom wedding invitation for seattle wedding ceremony. Black and white photo of bridesmaid helping groomsman with boutonniere. A groom smiling as his boutonniere is pinned on him before the wedding. Smiling bridesmaids preparing to help the bride into her wedding dress. Black and white photo of bridesmaids tying up back of wedding dress. A happy bride smiles after putting on her dress and veil at her wedding at The Hall at Fauntleroy in West Seattle, Washington. Bride approaches groom during their first look. The groom laughs while waiting for his bride during their first look. Groom turns to see the bride during their first look in front of The Hall at Fauntleroy. The groom is surprised and excited upon seeing his bride during the First Look. Bride and groom both smile as they embrace amongst the greenery in front of the Hall at Fauntleroy. The bride kneels to pet her dog. Bringing your dog to your wedding. Bride and groom laughing during formals at The Hall at Fauntleroy. The bride throws her arms over the groom's shoulders, showing off her engagement ring. In a sweet moment, the groom softly kisses the bride's forehead. Closeup of bride holding paper flower wedding bouquet Close up detail photo of groom's paper flower boutonniere Wedding party in shades of purple stands in front of greenery. Bride hugs groom in front of setting sun. Groom and bride walking down West Seattle street before their wedding. Laughing bride and bridesmaids in shades of purple holding paper flower bouquets made of sheet music. Groom and groomsmen smiling together wearing paper boutonnieres. Bride and groom standing together during formal photos. Bride laughing with groom during formals as the sun shines behind them. Bride and groom looking at each other smiling during formals. Beautiful bride looking at her paper flower bouquet. Bride and groom kissing under veil during formal photos. alida_will_wedding_3star-39 Bride and groom holding hands during formals in West Seattle wedding. Bride and groom holding hands during formals for their wedding at The Hall at Fauntleroy. Wedding program and favor for fun ceremony in West Seattle. Wedding reception tables incorporating marathon bibs as table numbers. Using books and flowers in a vase as  wedding reception centerpieces. Wedding guestbook alternative, writing notes to the couple and placing it in a suitcase. Taco truck as catering for wedding reception. Wedding ceremony at the hall at Fauntleroy in west seattle. Unity ceremony aging whiskey from Woodinville Distillery. Bride hugging flower girl and ring bearer before wedding. Whiskey cocktails for wedding reception. The Hall at Fauntleroy in West Seattle for a Summer Wedding venue. Using spotify playlists for wedding ceremony music. Wedding officiants wearing top hats and hairpieces. Bringing small children to wedding ceremony. Smiling flower girl in gold dress with stuffed animal walking down the aisle. Flower girl with rainbow sequined basket and ring bearer wearing a gold bow-tie and vest. Bride and her father walking down the aisle in a sweet moment during the wedding ceremony. Groom smiles seeing bride walking down the aisle with her father. The officiant at this west seattle wedding wipes away a tear Bride laughs during wedding ceremony. Groom laughing during wedding ceremony in west seattle. A donut hole toast during wedding ceremony. Box holding donut hole for toast, held by guest. Donut holes used for toasting during wedding ceremony. Bride and groom pouring whiskey into barrel for unity ceremony during wedding. Woodinville Whiskey Co unity ceremony for weddings. Two officiants at wedding ceremony. Male wearing grey top hat and female in purple lace dress. Wedding guests reading poetry during ceremony. Child in blue shirt as guest during wedding ceremony. Bride cries during vows at string light lit wedding ceremony. Bride and groom share first kiss at The Hall at Fauntleroy. Newly married bride and groom walk up aisle together with beautiful lights behind them. Bride and groom visit taco truck caterers during their wedding reception at the hall at fauntleroy. Bride and groom stand in front of taco truck during wedding reception. Married bride and groom share first dance during reception at Hall at Fauntleroy in West Seattle. Wedding reception toasts. Bride throwing paper bouquet during wedding reception. Guests diving for bouquet during bride hugging guest during wedding reception Bride and groom laugh as groom prepares to remove garter for toss. Groom tossing garter at wedding reception. Lucky guy who caught the garter. Wedding reception dance party in the hall at fauntleroy. Bride and groom party together during reception. Sweet slow dancing at wedding reception. Dance party wedding reception! Root beer floats during wedding reception. local rootbeer used for floats during wedding reception. Bride and groom get down on some root beer floats during wedding receptions. Wedding reception food ideas: Root beer float.

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