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Karena+Jamie win, if for no other reason (and there are tons of other reasons) than their original inquiry email being the most enthusiastic and excited message we’ve received to date. There’s something pretty excellent about getting a message exclaiming their joy at finally writing you because they’ve been following your work longer than they’ve been engaged, so there was absolutely no surprise when we discovered that these two were as “Our People” as anyone has the capacity to be.

Their engagement session  was stylish and capital-F Fun, so we spent the following 18 months eagerly awaiting this party they were throwing. And oh man, what a freaking day. We started off our nearly four hours of photo time (EVERYONE GIVE US FOUR HOURS!!!) with a First Look at a trail on Tiger Mountain in which Jamie’s “You’re so pretty!!!” echoed through the quiet woods. Karena rocked her mom’s wedding dress like it was made for her, and Jamie’s Karena-made Magic: The Gathering mana boutonniere (Josh’s inner nerd was dancing) was so so SO legit.

They snuggled, they hiked up and down a mountain, and they let us steal them after the ceremony for sunset over Lake Sammamish photos, and they rocked our world the whole time. The ceremony was full of lovely vows and hand fasting ceremonies, and the reception was all dance party and toast-provoked laughter. It was an entirely perfect day that we never wanted to leave. So thanks, you two, for digging us up like two years ago, and having us along for the raddest of days that we wish we could do again and again.

Now, on to the pictures…

vintage bridal dress hanging from barn rafters wedding bands and engagement rings sitting on classic book. k_j_wed_blog-3 beaded wedding shoes sitting on apple box. Bride wearing floral dress from nordstrom and putting on her necklace. Mother of the bride and maid of honor lacing up bridal gown. Bride and bridesmaids laughing before wedding. Groom awaiting bride in the woods before the first look. Bride laughing just before first look in the woods. Bride and groom first look at woods location. The groom's surprise reaction to seeing his bride during the first look. Bride and groom embrace in the woods. Bride and groom holding hands under fallen tree during formals in the woods. Bride and groom pose during formals in Issaquah, Washington. Happy moment between bride and groom during formals in the woods. Bride smiles through her birdcage veil while groom gives her a kiss. Highlight of bridal birdcage veil . Paper flower bridal bouquet and vintage dress with chunky necklace. DIY magic the gathering wedding boutonniere using manna cards.Beautiful bride in vintage dress and birdcage veil during formal photos in the woods.Bride and groom pose during formals on Tiger Mountain. "I Love You" written on side of bridge at Tiger Mountain. Bride and groom during formals at Tiger Mountain in Western Washington. Bride looks back while walking hand in hand with groom through the forest. Bride and groom nuzzle after wedding ceremony. Groom wears vest with green plaid tie and diy magic the gathering boutonniere and bride wears birdcage veil and chunky necklace. Bride and groom during formals in the woods. Sweet moment between bride and groom at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah. Bride puts arms around groom during formals deep in the woods. Bride and groom stand together during formals in the woods in Western Washington. Wedding party with two bridesmaids and two groomsmen in light pink in the woods. Bride and bridesmaids in light pink with paper flower bouquets. Bride and groom laughing with kids during family formals. The Creamery at the Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA. Pickering barn wedding in Issaquah, Washington. Wedding guestbook table including candid photos of bride and groom and vintage details. 2 Custom letterpress wedding invites and details. Unplugged wedding sign asking guests to not use their phones or cameras during the wedding ceremony. Wedding thank you card wooden box. Groom in vest and tie walking down the aisle at Pickering Barn wedding. Bride and father walk down aisle during wedding ceremony at Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA. Bride and her father walk down aisle during wedding ceremony at Pickering Barn. Bride and groom and officiant during barn wedding ceremony. Mother of the bride during wedding ceremony in barn. Barn wedding in Issaquah, Wa. Stylish groom looking at bride while holding hands during wedding cermeony. Bride smiling at groom during wedding ceremony in classic barn. Wedding ceremony performed by marriedbyannemarie.com Bride and groom holding hands during ceremony in barn. Guest smiling during wedding ceremony at Pickering Barn. Stylish bride and groom during wedding ceremony in old barn. Lovely vintage styled wedding at Pickering Barn in Issaquah, WA Funny moment during wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony performed by Annemarie Juhlian Bride and groom standing under twinkle lights during wedding ceremony at Pickering Barn. Bride places ring on groom's finger. Groom puts ring on bride's finger. Hand binding wedding ceremony. Family members performing hand binding ceremony First kiss at wedding ceremony in pickering barn. Wedding processional photo. rustic photo with bride and groom sitting on fence near lake sammamish. . Stylish bride and groom hold hands at lake sammamish. Black and white photo of bride and groom laughing during after ceremony wedding formals. Bride and groom hold hands during sunset over lake sammamish in washington. Pickering barn wedding reception Wedding favor table including custom coffee bean bags. Customized bags of coffee beans for wedding favors. Marvel avengers themed wedding reception centerpieces. Quotes, books, candles. Lord of the rings themed wedding reception centerpieces. El camion taco truck for wedding reception. Wedding reception dessert table with two-flavor cake. k_j_wed_blog-81 Homemade dessert table. Wedding reception dessert table. Homemade cookies dessert table. custom copper wire wedding cake topper groom unsheathes sabre sword to cut wedding cake. Bride and groom cut wedding cake with sabre sword. Cake cutting using sabre sword. Bride and groom kiss after cutting cake. Bride and groom laugh during wedding toasts. Father of the bride wedding toast. His and hers wedding reception toasting champagne flutes. Sister of the bride and maid of honor cry during wedding toasts. Bridesmaid wedding toast. Bride and groom wedding toast. Bride and groom first dance at wedding reception in pickering barn. First Dance photo at wedding reception in issaquah. Bride and groom during wedding reception dance party. Bride dancing with father during wedding reception at pickering barn. Wedding guests dancing during reception. Bride dancing holding glass of champagne at wedding reception Bride and groom dancing together during wedding reception.

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