Cate+Joe | Diablo Lake Wedding


It’s pretty excellent to have a team of photographers that you feel like you can lean on. While we obviously use ‘em for the necessities (second shooting, back-ups in case of illness, etc) it’s such a sweet thing to have artists you can count on in even unprecedented situations. Cate+Joe’s date was the same as one Ali and I had already committed to, but they were such a lovely, hilarious couple we absolutely wanted to give them the full #TeamJayLee (yup, it’s a thing now) treatment. Enter Sean+Whitney (or #TeamShitney….also a thing) to save the day. They joined Cate and Joe at the gooooorgeous Diablo Lake in the North Cascades for the coolest camp-style wedding we’ve seen in years. The whole gang moseyed around the breathtaking lake snapping shots of C+J being all adorable and in love, and Ali and I are all kinds of jealous that we didn’t get to witness the whole shindig first hand.

Thanks, Cate+Joe, for trusting #TeamJayLee with your memories. You guys are the bee’s knees.

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