Nina+Rory | Hood Canal Wedding

Man, we're so in LOVE with small weddings + elopements. While the magic of an all-day production for a couple hundred guests is hard to top, being included in these tiny, intimate ceremonies is sooooo coooool. We've been two of ten guests and we've been the ACTUAL WITNESSES, and it's all so dang awesome. So Nina+Rory, obviously blinded by our enthusiasm for said ceremonies, had us along for their sweet mixing of family and friends at a rental home on Hood Canal. So much sweetness to speak of, but we're gonna let the pictures do the talkin'...

blue heron flies over water of hood canal

A private residence for small wedding ceremony on hood canal A private residence for small wedding ceremony on hood canal mylar balloons are used to direct guests to wedding ceremony. Beautiful floral arrangement and monograms used for wedding ceremony. n-r-wed-5 n-r-wed-6 n-r-wed-7 A groom's handwritten vows on small cards. Tie selection for wedding day attire. The stylish groom ties a striped blue tie before wedding ceremony. n-r-wed-11 Instruction manual on how to tie a tie. n-r-wed-13 n-r-wed-14 Seattle destination wedding magazine. Stylish Seattle groom attire at Hood Canal wedding. Bridal makeup options for wedding day. Beautiful bride doing her own makeup before wedding.  n-r-wed-19 n-r-wed-20 Natural colored lipstick on wedding day. n-r-wed-22 European bride getting ready in wedding dress. Bride and mother embrace before wedding ceremony. n-r-wed-25 n-r-wed-26 The groom waits for his bride at the first look on a dock off hood canal. n-r-wed-28 Ideas for a first look location in seattle. n-r-wed-30 Wedding day first look on Hood Canal dock. n-r-wed-32 Beautiful couple hugs on dock before their wedding ceremony. n-r-wed-34 The bride and groom laugh together. The bride and groom kiss during a sweet moment during formal photos. White roses in floral display. Candid bride and groom formals. Fall pacific northwest wedding featuring bright red leaves. A romantic kiss between the bride and groom. n-r-wed-41 n-r-wed-42 n-r-wed-43 Stylish couple strikes a pose during formal photos at their destination wedding. n-r-wed-45 n-r-wed-46 n-r-wed-47 n-r-wed-48 Fashionable wedding photos at destination wedding. Stylish fall wedding photos. Seattle bride holds a white and green bouquet in front of her ivory dress. Family friend officiates small wedding ceremony. Groom and family wait for bride at intimate wedding ceremony. n-r-wed-54 n-r-wed-55 n-r-wed-56 Bride in long veil walks down aisle. Family gathers for Hood canal destination elopement. n-r-wed-59 n-r-wed-60 n-r-wed-61 n-r-wed-62 n-r-wed-63 n-r-wed-64 n-r-wed-65 Guests tear up at small wedding ceremony n-r-wed-67 n-r-wed-68 father reads toast during wedding ceremony n-r-wed-70 n-r-wed-71 n-r-wed-72 n-r-wed-73 n-r-wed-74 n-r-wed-75 n-r-wed-76 n-r-wed-77 n-r-wed-78 n-r-wed-79 n-r-wed-80 n-r-wed-81 n-r-wed-82 n-r-wed-83 n-r-wed-84 n-r-wed-85 throwing white flower petals during ceremony recessional. n-r-wed-87 Awesome wedding ceremony recessional. n-r-wed-89 n-r-wed-90 n-r-wed-91 n-r-wed-92 n-r-wed-93 n-r-wed-94 n-r-wed-95 n-r-wed-96 n-r-wed-97 n-r-wed-98 n-r-wed-99 n-r-wed-100 n-r-wed-101 n-r-wed-102 n-r-wed-103 n-r-wed-104 n-r-wed-105 bride and groom sign marriage license at destination wedding romantic kiss under the twinkling lights at destination wedding. n-r-wed-108

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