This Will Destroy You ++ Cymbals Eat Guitars

If you're not familiar with the Post Rock genre, I'd recommend fixing that asap. Start, and end, with This Will Destroy You. In fact, go hit play on New Topia while you check out these shots from their recent show with Cymbals Eat Guitars at Neumos last month.

access and lighting were a bit tricky I decided to try something new and shoot more emotively, matching my technique and creativity to the music rather than the regular strict photojournalism. Hope you dig. //josh


↓↓ Cymbals Eat Guitars ↓↓

cymbals_eat_guitars-1 cymbals_eat_guitars-2 cymbals_eat_guitars-3 cymbals_eat_guitars-4 cymbals_eat_guitars-5   cymbals_eat_guitars-8 cymbals_eat_guitars-9 cymbals_eat_guitars-10 cymbals_eat_guitars-11 cymbals_eat_guitars-12 cymbals_eat_guitars-13 cymbals_eat_guitars-14 cymbals_eat_guitars-15 cymbals_eat_guitars-16 cymbals_eat_guitars-17 cymbals_eat_guitars-18 cymbals_eat_guitars-19

↓↓ This Will Destroy You ↓↓

this_will_destroy_you-1 this_will_destroy_you-2 this_will_destroy_you-3 this_will_destroy_you-4 this_will_destroy_you-5 this_will_destroy_you-6 this_will_destroy_you-7 this_will_destroy_you-8 this_will_destroy_you-10 this_will_destroy_you-11 this_will_destroy_you-12 this_will_destroy_you-13 this_will_destroy_you-14 this_will_destroy_you-15 this_will_destroy_you-16 this_will_destroy_you-17 this_will_destroy_you-18 this_will_destroy_you-19 this_will_destroy_you-20 this_will_destroy_you-21

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