Susie+Charles | Seattle Capitol Hill Engagement

I'm terrible at blogging. I get that. I apparently made these selections months ago and never posted them. Well these lovebirds are getting hitched in a couple weeks, so now's a good as time to share as any. <3


S_C_Engagement-web-1 S_C_Engagement-web-2 S_C_Engagement-web-3 S_C_Engagement-web-4 S_C_Engagement-web-11 S_C_Engagement-web-13 S_C_Engagement-web-15 S_C_Engagement-web-17 S_C_Engagement-web-18 S_C_Engagement-web-19 S_C_Engagement-web-21 S_C_Engagement-web-22 S_C_Engagement-web-23 S_C_Engagement-web-24 S_C_Engagement-web-26 S_C_Engagement-web-27 S_C_Engagement-web-28 S_C_Engagement-web-29 S_C_Engagement-web-31 S_C_Engagement-web-32 S_C_Engagement-web-34 S_C_Engagement-web-36 S_C_Engagement-web-38 S_C_Engagement-web-42 S_C_Engagement-web-100 S_C_Engagement-web-102 S_C_Engagement-web-104 S_C_Engagement-web-106 S_C_Engagement-web-108 S_C_Engagement-web-109

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