Carmen+Zach | Seattle Engagement

That's right, two blogs in one week. Expect the next one around October.

The colors in the session are just unreal. Seattle really lets loose in the fall.

c_z_esesh-2 c_z_esesh-7 c_z_esesh-9 c_z_esesh-12 c_z_esesh-13 c_z_esesh-15 c_z_esesh-18 c_z_esesh-25 c_z_esesh-28 c_z_esesh-33 c_z_esesh-35 c_z_esesh-37 c_z_esesh-39 c_z_esesh-41 c_z_esesh-48 c_z_esesh-51 c_z_esesh-52 c_z_esesh-54 c_z_esesh-55 c_z_esesh-57 c_z_esesh-60 c_z_esesh-66 c_z_esesh-69 c_z_esesh-71 c_z_esesh-73 c_z_esesh-75 c_z_esesh-82 c_z_esesh-92 c_z_esesh-95

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