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Birth Photography – Scout Clementine | Seattle, WA


Little Scout Clementine decided to come earlier than planned. In fact, it was 2 days before I was to begin being on call for the month! On her momma’s birthday, the contractions started and I received a message from dad-to-be that the baby was coming! I happened to be on the freeway coming home from Tacoma when I got the call, so I grabbed my gear and rushed on over! Things progressed pretty quickly after that as you can see by the photos. Luckily, all involved got to the family’s beautiful home just in time and Scout come into the world shortly after, perfectly pink, lovely, and quiet as can be. It was awesome to be a part of such a special moment! Welcome to the world, Scout! Your parents are pretty incredible folks. *To see photos of another birth, click here. //Ali

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