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James+Bethanie | Proposal

We've been doing a good few of these lately and damn, we'd love to do a good few more. Proposals with mini e-sesions are the best, and a pretty great time of your life to have documented. Do it.

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Jared+Jen | Downtown Seattle Proposal

Everyone is coming to Seattle to do awesome things and let us take pictures of it. Yesterday we shot the elopement of an awesome Texan couple, and today we're posting this awesome proposal plotted all the way from Southern California.

Jared could not strongly enough emphasize how much Jen loved coffee, so I insisted that Monorail Espresso was the only place to do the deed. After a long month of emails, perfecting all the timing and expectations, this excellent surprise TOTALLY took her off guard (as you can tell, by her impressively ever-present smile.

Congrats you guys!!!

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Amanda + Nick | Surprise Proposal

amanda_nick_proposal_blog-1This is seriously the cutest story ever. Nick wrote to us in January that he wanted to bring his girlfriend to CenturyLink Field while on vacation to Seattle (they live in CA) to propose to her. After seeing this session, he asked if we could come on the tour posing as tourists to document the proposal. We were so excited because this would be our first proposal shoot!

After months of scheming, in April the two flew to Seattle and joined a large tour group at the field (including us). We did our best to blend in and even made up a back-story about ourselves just in case we had to interact with them before the proposal! The tour guides were also in on the whole thing, and we all kind of nervously made our way through the tour waiting for the “moment” to happen. Unexpectedly, there were buckets full of dirt on the field in preparation for a motocross event so Nick had to come up with a new plan for the proposal location! Nick even texted back-and-forth with us a few times and we just hoped she wouldn’t notice! (Luckily, she didn’t!)

As we made our way to the top of the stadium over-looking the field, the tour guide brought everyone aside so that Nick could have a private moment with Amanda. He kneeled down, she said yes, and everyone cheered. Amanda was completely shocked, surprised, and confused at who the two random photographers were behind them! It was such a blast explaining this very plan to her as we finished the tour, got some “free Friday” Jones Soda across the street, and then went down to the waterfront for engagement photos. As we drove around, Nick and Amanda called their parents to tell them the great news! After the session, we dropped them off at the Space Needle where Nick had made dinner reservations. In his final big surprise, Nick had planned for their parents to come to Seattle and wait at the needle to congratulate them. How awesome is that!? We became such fast friends with these two and are just thrilled we got to have a small part in this amazing proposal. Congrats you two!  //Josh+Ali Read more…

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